1926 Willys-Knight Sedan--Grey & Black

1926 Willys-Knight Sedan--Grey & Black

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A medium priced car from one of the major American car manufacturers (Willys-Overland) of the 1920s, the Willys-Knight was built from 1914-1933.  Willys was known primarily for Jeep production after the war, forming the Jeep brand that is now owned by DaimlerChrysler.


Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942 (3rd Ed)
Our review:  I believe this book to be the finest achievement in the history of automotive journalism.  Author Beverly Rae Kimes has put together the work of a lifetime in nearly 1600 pages and over 5,000 photos.  The completeness of this book is breathtaking--it includes car manufacturers that never got past the stage of announcements for cars that were never built! For the larger manufacturers, there are specs, stats, options, and even a contemporary (if sometimes guesstimate) priceguide. You can get lost for hours in this exceedingly well-written book. Very highly recommended.
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8 ½ x 11, 1598 pages, 5000+ b&w photos
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