1928 Ford Speedster of Greg Cunningham

(from Greg Cunningham)  This Model A Ford speedster was purpose built in the winter/spring of 2003 by myself, Greg Cunningham, to compete in endurance TSD rallies. The chassis is of Model A design with modifications abiding to the strict confines of Great Race regulations. With a Miller Overhead Valve conversion head and highly modified internals, the original four cylinder engine puts out over four times the horsepower it had when it left the assembly line in 1928.

I competed with this car in the Great Race for three consecutive years culminating with a Grand Championship in 2005. Following the win, I hand made a new, streamlined body consisting of chromoly tubework and polished aluminum alloy skins for the 2006 GR. Last summer, while defending our title, we did not fair so well as we endured mechanical difficulties throughout the event. However, we were recognized with the "Never Say Die" Award for our determination to cross the finish line in San Rafael, CA. This summer, with the sponsorship of Coker Tire, the car will compete in the 25th Anniversary Great American Race from Concord, NC to Anaheim, CA.

Last fall, the car competed in the Chattanooga Hill Climb. Surprising many other contestants who raced with modified chassis', modern transmissions, and fat tires; it won it's SP-2 (Speedster Overhead-Valve) division in it's Great Race set-up. Look for this car to compete in the Chattanooga Hill Climb again in the fall. For this run, I will make some mods to vie for the "King of the Hill" title.

Many youngsters get excited to see such an interesting car and are not shy to come to me and ask quesions like: What is it? How fast will it go? Did you make that?  It's great to see such enthusiasm from a kid which is sparked by simply driving a cool car. Old-timers can associate with the Model A race car. Many tell stories of taking their driver's test behind the wheel of an old Ford. Some can even recognize modifications that they too may have made back in the day...or even tell me what I "shoulda' done".

So, how fast will it go?...I don't know...it has more speed than I have guts. 90 mph seems awfully fast in a Model A. Those guys must have been nuts to do 150mph plus in the late teens and early twenties!

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