1952 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn

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Rolls-Royce will soon be debuting a new model called the Rolls-Royce Dawn, which they say draws its inspiration from the Silver Dawn built from 1949-1955.

The Silver Dawn was the 2nd new Rolls-Royce introduced in the postwar period, following the Silver Wraith, which first appeared in 1946 and had a long run to 1959. The most significant feature of the Silver Dawn was that it was the first Rolls-Royce to be offered with a body instead of "chassis only," with a body to be supplied by bespoke coachwork firms. Those firms had been dwindling in number since the 1930s, especially as so many luxury car manufacturers such as Hispano-Suiza and Isotta-Fraschini ceased automotive production. No doubt the Silver Dawn did not help, though the writing was on the wall irregardless, plus the aforementioned Silver Wraith was a chassis only vehicle, and coachbuilders did create their own bodies for the Silver Dawn.

Power by 1952 came from a 4.6 liter inline-6 fed by a Stromberg and later Zenith carburetor. A road test of a Silver Dawn in 1954 by The Motor magazine gave a performance figure of 0-60 mph in 15.2 seconds, with a top speed of 94 mph.

The Silver Wraith sold moderately well, with 760 being built in all.




Rolls-Royce Motor Cars today announced the name of its forthcoming new car. The new model, an exciting and sensuous drophead, will be known as Rolls-Royce Dawn.

The car was unveiled to representatives of the marque’s 130-strong global dealer network at the 2015 Rolls-Royce World Dealer Conference in Los Angeles, California today.

“Our new Rolls-Royce Dawn promises a striking, seductive encounter like no other Rolls-Royce to date,” said Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, Chief Executive Officer. “Dawn is a beautiful new open-top motor car with a name that suggests the fresh opportunities that every new day holds – an awakening, an opening up of one’s senses and a burst of sunshine. It will be the most social of super-luxury motor cars for those beautiful people who wish to bathe in the sunlight of the world’s social hotspots.”

Rolls-Royce Dawn is the next step in the renaissance of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars which began in 2003 with the launch of Phantom and subsequent introductions of Ghost and Wraith. It justifies the continuing investment of the BMW Group into the world’s pinnacle super-luxury brand.

The new Rolls-Royce Dawn will revive another famous and rare Rolls-Royce name first used in 1949, but only ever applied to 28 very special drophead bodies between 1950 and 1954. A new beginning for Rolls-Royce at the time, the original Silver Dawn was the first Rolls-Royce to be offered with a factory-built body. The drophead Rolls-Royces that carried the name Dawn continued to be coach-built for individual customers, ensuring their uniqueness and rarity.

‘Dawn’ perfectly expresses the character of the new Rolls-Royce. In its tentative, inchoate, anticipatory state, dawn is the world coming to light from the ethereal dark of the night. The early-day chill of dawn provides an erotic tingle on the skin, awakening the senses and passions as the day begins. Like Eleanor Thornton, thought by many to be the inspiration behind the Spirit of Ecstasy, the Rolls-Royce Dawn will also prove itself to be the muse that leads its owner to believe that at the start of the day, anything is possible.

The new Rolls-Royce Dawn is beguilingly visceral. It excites both men and women – they want it, they need it and they want to immerse themselves in it. It is languid and beautiful, fresh and fragrant and awakens the passion of your life.

New life, new possibilities, fresh horizons – a tingling, anticipatory ambience in the air – all signified by a new Dawn.

Rolls-Royce Dawn will launch during the first quarter of 2016.

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