1955 Ford Mystere

Image Copyright Ford Motor Corporation


A Century of Car Design  This beautifully produced, lavishly illustrated book presents a detailed history of the automobileóbut describes cars entirely in terms of design, with attention to the innovative artists who created auto bodies for the world's finest vehicles. The car is arguably the most important design icon of the past hundred years, and though its changes in appearance owe something to engineering developments, the most beautiful cars are proof that leading auto designers have been and continue to be true artists. This volume profiles major designers, with photos showing examples of their masterworks.  Comprehensive and clearly focused, A Century of Car Design will be valued by serious students of twentieth-century design, as well as by the millions of people for whom a love affair with cars has endured as a century-old preoccupation. 9 x 11 ½, 256 pages.  Approximately 600 photos, 450 in color.


Serious Wheels