1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1-RS by Roadster Shop


(from Roadster Shop Press Release)  The build for this 2009 Street Machine of the Year winner began in July of 2008, starting with the chassis design. The plan was to build a production chassis that would offer unmatched handling, performance, and a comfortable ride. All while fitting under the stock Corvette body and being a relatively simple bolt up chassis. The R&D on the chassis took about 2 months, giving us plenty of time to come up with the ideas and the concept for the car.

Jeremy Gerber, one of the owners of the Roadster Shop, and customer Barry Blomquist began brainstorming what should go into this car. They had looked at all of the other vette’s that were built, and all left a lot to be desired in the way of design and performance. From the start, they were looking to break the mold with this car. It was decided that the car would have the looks of a modern concept car if GM were to build a ’62 Corvette today. Artist Eric Brockmeyer was called in to help with the renderings and lend some of his design ideas. Several versions later, the concept was finalized. The car was then named the “C1-RS”. “C1” after the first generation Corvette, and the “RS” coming from the Roadster Shop.

The idea for the car was to build a modern concept car version of a 1962 Corvette. Countless hand formed aluminum parts were fabricated and hours were spent on mocking pieces up and simply staring at the car from every angle imaginable to make sure nothing stuck out and everything flowed . Each and every bracket whether it be a fuse box mount or a motor mount was carefully designed to flow with the look and design of the car.

Roadster Shop C1 Corvette Chassis

  • Hand sculpted 10 gauge steel frame rails
  • Heavily re-enforced center crossmember with 3.5” exhaust ports
  • Custom DSE IFS
  • Afco Double Adjustable, Remote Reservoir Coilovers
  • Brembo 6-Piston Mono-block 355mm GT Disc Brakes Front
  • 9” Factory Axle Housing
  • Strange Engineering 31 Spline Axles
  • Strange Engineering Tru Track Limited Slip Nodular Diff.
  • Swivel Link Parrallel 4-Bar
  • Afco Double Adjustable, Remote Reservoir Coilovers
  • Brembo 4-Piston Mono-block 345mm GT Disc Brakes Rear

    Original 1962 Corvette


  • Re-shaped front grilles hand fabbed from aluminum
  • Aluminum grille bar with Porsche 997 running lights
  • 1-Off headlight assemblies machined for this car
  • Custom hood with carbon fiber louvers
  • Eliminated the stock cove in doors/fenders. Made a deeper recessed panel with carbon fiber louvers
  • Hand formed aluminum window and windshield trim
  • Cut and leaned windshield back for more aggressive look
  • Removed convertible top and turned into a roadster
  • Hand fabbed aluminum arches behind driver and passengers’ head
  • Custom machined gas cap recessed into arch
  • Widened quarters 1.25” per side
  • Formed a rear lip spoiler that carries off the wheel opening line
  • Squared off the rear of the car
  • 1-Off L.E.D. tail light assemblies
  • Carbon fiber tail light panel All carbon panels done by Prototype Composites from Milwaukee WI
  • Aluminum rear lower air diffuser with carbon fiber splitters
  • Hand fabbed stainless center exhaust tip
  • All aluminum, hand formed engine bay
  • Aluminum upper radiator cover panel


  • Hand fabbed aluminum dash and center console
  • Hand fabbed aluminum gauge pod with custom gauges by Classic Instruments
  • Machined center dash knobs with hidden key
  • Custom floor mount pedals and aluminum pedal box.

  • Engine: LS7 built and tuned by Turn Key Engine Supply
  • Injection: Kinsler Cross Ram EFI with Carbon Fiber Ram Tubes.
  • Engine Management: FAST XFI
  • Trans: Tremec T-56 custom built by Bowler Performance Transmission
  • Custom built 2” full length stainless headers.
  • 3” stainless exhaust
  • Custom B&B stainless muffler with custom built center exhaust tip by the Roadster Shop

  • 1-Off custom wheels built by Forgeline.
    o 19x10 front
    o 20x12.5 rear
  • Machined single, center lug nut. The design in the nut matches the headlights, gas cap, and all dash knobs.
  • Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires 275/30R19 front and 335/30R20 rear

  • Serious Wheels