1967 Dodge Charger of Christian Heuer


(from Christian Heuer)  Information about the 67 charger:

Since the Dodge Charger was such a sales success despite its midyear introduction, changes were limited for 1967. Outside, new fender-mounted turn signals were introduced and would serve as the main outside identifier between a 1966 and 1967 Charger. A vinyl roof became available as well. Inside, the full length console was gone, due in part to customer complaints about entry and exit from the back seats. It was replaced with a regular sized console. Bucket seats were standard, but a folding armrest/seat and column shifter was an option allowing three people to sit up front. Despite the Chargers' NASCAR racing success of 1966, sales slipped by half. In 1967 only 15,788 Chargers were sold. The Chargers faced competition from the Trans-Am Series, the Ford Mustang and the just introduced Chevrolet Camaro. Dodge decided that a major redesign was in order, rather than a minor face-lift. Production Numbers: 15,788 (118 Hemi)

Information about my Charger:
- My own BLOG from buying till now: www.charger1967.blogspot.com 
- Pictures taken by: www.chromlegenden.de
- Bought in March 2008 from a Car-Dealer in Miami / FL
- Produced-Number: 6.296 of 15.788
- Original build with a 383cui, but replaced in the `90s with a 440cui (RB)
- Now with a 493cui Stroker-Kit
- Carburator: Edelbrock 4bbl 750cfm
- Transmission: A-727 (Coloum Shifter)
- Rear Axle: 2,94:1 (Sure-Grip)
- Specials: Line Lock, Electric Exhaust Cutouts, Front Disc Brakes, Rear Spacer

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