1967 Mustang Fastback Gone in 60 Seconds



Customers Can Now Choose A Licensed 1967 Ford Fastback or classic 1967 Mustang Body For Their Custom-Built Collectible Muscle Car

Yukon, Okla. (Feb. 5, 2008) – Halicki Films Company, producer of the motion picture "Gone in
60 Seconds," is pleased to announce that classic Recreations has been selected as the exclusive, first ever, officially-licensed custom fabricator to build the iconic "Eleanor" Mustang from "Gone in 60
Seconds." "Eleanor" captured everyone's hearts in her reprisal role in the 2000 feature film "Gone in
60 Seconds," starring with her leading man, Nicolas Cage. Now, for the very first time, movie fans
and Mustang enthusiasts alike can own their own authentic, officially-licensed "Gone in 60 Seconds
Eleanor" collectible vehicle.

Halicki Films Company granted classic Recreations the license to build the only genuine
"Eleanors" after numerous visits to the company's Oklahoma factory and a full battery of rigorous
background and criteria checks. The agreement grants classic Recreations the right to license the
intellectual properties held exclusively by Halicki Films Company, including the copyrights,
trademarks, trade dress and logos in and to "Eleanor" and "Gone in 60 Seconds," and "Eleanor's"
one-of-a-kind, amazing movie looks, in connection with the manufacturing, marketing, sale and
distribution of the officially licensed collectible "Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor."

To ensure the safety of each transaction, classic Recreation will maintain each customer's initial
deposit and purchase fee in an escrow account at a federally-insured financial institution until such
time as the customer's car is completed and ready for delivery.

The recent production of the 1967 Mustang Fastback bodies licensed and authorized by Ford has
streamlined the customizing process so that those who desire their own movie star car can
purchase a brand-new "Eleanor" Mustang fabricated from the ground up with all new body and
parts. Customers may also choose to modify one of classic Recreations' 1967 original mustang
bodies with all new parts. In either case, the classic Recreations team will work tirelessly at each
step of the process to provide absolute customer satisfaction and complete reliability.

classic Recreations Appointed to Build Eleanor

Customers wishing to purchase an "Eleanor" will have their choice between the 535-horsepower
FI Model, promising estimated top speeds of 172 mph and 4.90-second 0-60-mph quarter-mile
times priced at $139,900, or the 770-horsepower FIS Model ($189,900) with a modified rear

"Eleanor" is built on a classic muscle car frame but with high-tech materials and technology to
produce the reliable power and handling of a modern-day factory race car. These custom-built,
high-performance Mustangs are handcrafted to order by classic Recreations and offer such
performance features as coil over suspension, sequential fuel injection, oversized slotted and
crossdrilled Baer brakes, and a 410cid Keith Craft Racing engine.

"Eleanor" also comes equipped with a Tremec TKO Manual or Automatic Transmission, Posi
Traction, Concept One serpentine drive belt system, braided stainless fuel lines, air conditioning,
custom sound system, and five-point Simpson harnesses. Additional owner-specified upgrades can
include leather interior, keyless entry, and custom in-dash DVD and satellite navigation and
entertainment systems.

"We wanted to make sure the company we chose to build the very first authentic, officiallylicensed
'Eleanor' was credible and reliable, and, more importantly, that they are truly craftsmen. classic Recreations' passion for the Movies and 'Eleanor' can be seen in the company's handcrafting work. They're making show cars," said Ms Denice Halicki.

classic Recreations founder Jason Engel, and his company's team of a dozen, skilled technicians
and craftsmen, have been modifying and custom fabricating high-performance vehicles for more than 10 years. Each built-to-order vehicle takes approximately four months (nearly 2,500 manhours) of painstaking assembly. These high-performance classic Recreations "Eleanor" Mustangs are available in Pepper Grey/Black, Red/White, Black/Silver, Yellow/Black and Blue/White.

Find out more about how to get your own officially licensed Eleanor at www.classicrecreations.com

Official Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor

There have been many Eleanor recreations over the years, but the first officially-license Eleanor is about to hit the streets. The producers of “Gone in 60 Seconds” have licensed the right to create an official Eleanor to classic Recreations, of Yukon, Oklahoma. There are two body options available. The first is an all-new car built from the ground up using a brand new 1967 Mustang Fastback body licensed and authorized by Ford. The second option allows customers to use an original 1967 Mustang body updated with new parts. The base price depends on what insanely powerful Keith Craft crate engine the customer would like to have installed. The 410 cubic inch 535-horsepower car comes in at $139,000 with a 427 cubic inch 750-horsepower version coming in at $189,900. The cars can be ordered with some unusual options, including right hand drive ($5,500), leather interior ($1,500), keyless entry ($400) and a DVD player ($1,000).

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