1969 Roadster Shop Chevrolet Camaro


(from Roadster Shop Press Release)  With this ’69 Camaro, we wanted to create a car that held true to its original aesthetic, yet felt very modern without distracting from the classic lines and good looks of the ’69 body. The owner came to us looking for a car that he could take to shows and events, win best of show, turn the fastest time on the autocross and drive a thousand miles home again.

A contemporary feel was achieved on the car by refining, tweaking and improving many of the smaller details on the car like the new handmade side quarter ‘gills’, hood louvers and front and rear spoilers. The color combination used was a very ‘traditional’ scheme of red and black, but we deviated from the factory color arrangement to add a new twist and feel to the car. Tricky to do with only two colors but with the right placement and appropriate amount of the red accent color on a sleek black canvass, a fresh look can be created. If the car was to sit next to another black and red Camaro, the two would look surprisingly different.

The red accents also lend themselves perfectly to the interior, where they are used as a contrast to the dark and minimalist feel. We wanted the interior to pick up on some of the trick touches and elements of road race/ rally cars but without the bare-bones, ‘rawness’ of a full on race car. Elements like the rotary switches on the dash were derived from a Formula 1 steering wheel. Red flip switches, canvass door pulls, suede and carbon fiber further add to the functional elegance of the interior. Very little was added for the sake of ‘prettiness’ to the interior, yet when these elements are combined the result is a purposeful, minimalist elegance.

With the debut of the car at the 2012 Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus, OH, it was selected as part of the winners circle and received a Goodguys ‘Innovation Award’. Equipped with one of our Roadster Shop FAST TRACK chassis, the car also ran the fastest time of the ‘Street Machine’ category in the autocross portion of the competition. The new owner is delighted with his ’69 Camaro and plans on racking up the miles over the coming years: on the road and the track!

Roadster Shop 1969 Camaro
Engine – GM LS3 built by Turn Key Engine Supply
Output – 585hp / 485lbft torque
Trans – Tremec T-56 Magnum
Exhaust – FAST TRACK Headers w/ custom Roadster Shop stainless exhaust
Chassis – Roadster Shop FAST TRACK
Suspension Front – Roadster Shop Fast Track IFS w/Afco Pro-Touring double adjustable shocks
Suspension Rear - 4-Link w/ Afco Pro-Touring double adjustable shocks
Brakes – Wilwood Pro+ 6 Piston with 14” front rotor and 13” rear
Wheels – HRE 794RS – 20” Rear / 19” Front
Tires – Michelin Pilot Super Sport
335/30R 20 Rear
265/35R 19 Front

Upholstery – Pro Auto Custom Interiors
Interior – Recaro Sportster seats with custom matched rear seats, custom dash with STACK gauges and Marquez Design door panels and headliner

Body - Tucked and re-profiled front and rear bumpers, hand fabricated front and rear spoiler, Marquez Design front lower valance and 3D taillights, custom fabricated hood louvers. One-off rear valance with through-exit exhaust tips. New hand-made side ‘gills’ recessed into the rear quarter panels.

Design & Fabrication – Roadster Shop

(Photo credits – Philtography© 2012)

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