1971 Pontiac GTO Convertible

1971 Pontiac GTO Convertible

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Original Pontiac GTO: The Restorer's Guide 1964-1974  This is the guide that details all that is necessary to correctly restore your premier 1964-1974 muscle car. An appendix includes exterior color codes for years produced and colors for the Judge stripe and decals. Each chapter is devoted to a model year and lists dealer oddities, option codes and prices, and special equipment and are highlighted with bumper-to-bumper, close-up shots of this mid-size marvel.   9 x 12, 128 pages, 250 color pictures

Pontiac GTO: The Great One   An American automotive milestone, the 1964 GTO contained several high-performance components - floorshift, high-performance suspension, 389 V-8 engine, quick steering and dual exhaust. Get the inside story of the long and distinguished history of Pontiac's GTO on the streets and race tracks of America as Statham traces the evolution of the GTO from 1964-74 through all models, including the Tri-powers, Ram Air models, Royal Bobcats, the Judge and more.   10 x 10, 156 pages, 125 color and 75 b&w photos

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