1977-1981 Suzuki LJ80

Interior Details

(from Suzuki Press Release) Suzuki LJ80

The development upmarket for what was originally a utility 4x4 continued with the last LJ model, the LJ80.

Body changes were minimal, with larger front wheelarches and flared rear wheelarches to offer a more stylish design.

The bonnet, still held down with two spring clips like on earlier LJs, was slightly raised to make room for the biggest change - a new engine.

This was a four-cylinder, water-cooled 800cc four-stroke unit producing 41bhp.

The LJ80 sold well in Australia, where it went on sale in 1978, but that was just the start. When the LJ80 was first exported to the Netherlands in 1978 followed by the rest of Europe it created and firmly established a whole new market sector for fun 4x4 recreational vehicles.

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