1978-1993 Saab 900


(from Saab Press Release)  The Saab 900 is presented in May and goes on sale as the 1979 model. Introduced with the Saab 900 is yet another world "first" from Saab - the unique comartment air filter. The Saab 900 also has a safety steering column with a telescopically collapsible steering shaft and a sheet-steel crumple bellows.

The concept of a practical, all-year-round, 'four season, four-seater' soft top was pioneered by Saab when sales of the first Saab 900 Convertible began in January 1986. A limited production run of 400 units for the US market with 175 bhp, 2.0-liter turbo engines was an immediate success and the following year the Saab Convertible was taken into full global production.

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