1984 Ferrari 512i Berlinetta Boxer


The Berlinetta Boxer series began with the 365 GT4 which entered production in 1973, and was the first 12-cylinder street Ferrari with a mid-engine arrangement. The 365 was powered by a 4.4 liter flat-12 which, despite the name, was technically not a true boxer engine. A true boxer engine has one crank pin per piston, whereas the 365 had two opposing crank pins.  In any case, the car definitely benefited from the lower center of gravity available in a flat-12, and was a high-water mark for performance in its era.  The 512 took the place of the 365 in 1976, with a larger 5 liter horizontal-12, and in 1981 the 512i appeared, which replaced the four Weber carburetors with fuel injection.

The main photos of the car were taken in HDR, or High Dynamic Range.  This involves taking 2 or more digital photos of the car at different exposures with a tripod-mounted camera, and then combining them in software to create a final image with a much higher dynamic range than is available from modern sensors.

Thanks goes out to Ferrari of Tampa Bay for providing the vehicle, and a special thank you goes to Joe Sabatini of Festivals of Speed, which we are proud to be a sponsor of.

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