1986 Ford WOW Bus


Priced at only $130 million dollars, the 1986 Ford WOW Bus offers both exclusivity and a whole slew of add-ons rarely seen on other cars. :-)

This art car was photographed at the VCCA car show in Franklin Lakes, NJ on May 30, 2004.  The sign for the car reads:

The WOW Bus
25 Thousand Pieces $640 Worth of Glue
2000 added pounds  - two years and
600 hours to do!
1986 Ford School Bus

GOOP Glue - Buy it at Home Depot
Pieces came from garage sales - the
Public-dumpsters - garbage cans

Why? cause i am a wacko - Thats
why in Guinness book - insured for $3.5
million dollars

For sale - $130 million

Serious Wheels