1998 Rinspeed E-Go Rocket


(from Rinspeed Press Release)  Rinspeed E-Go Rocket - the Spirit of Egoists!

As many times before the Rinspeed Design company, led by Frank M. Rinderknecht (42), has come up with something very special: the small Swiss automobile specialist has created a vehicle that blends traditional beauty and forward-looking technology in a most impressive way - the Rinspeed E-Go Rocket. Inspired by one of the world famous record setting cars on the salt flats and developed in only six months time, his company's contribution to the Geneva "Salon de l'Auto", is an eye-catcher that could well generate active discussion among the visitors.

The high-performance tires come from Continental, which are mounted on specially developed wheels supplied by Antera. Running-gear technology comes from the Eibach company, which not only works for the leading international motor-sport teams but also for the McLaren Formula 1 Racing Team. For the Rinspeed E-Go Rocket, Eibach is exhibiting in Geneva competition shock absorbers with four-position adjustment which it has itself developed. The Remus company has produced an optimized-flow exhaust system for the Rinspeed E-Go Rocket. The Swiss company Rieter Automotive Systems supplied the finest of all carpets for the interior, the acoustic foams and the heat-shields. The vehicle was built by TLC Carossiers Inc. in Florida and transported by the air-freight specialist Lufthansa Cargo to Europe. Burg Design created stunning interior and exterior elements by the use of a special high-tech process. Audio entertainment and flawless route planning are taken care of by a hi-fi radio and CD system and the first-class navigation equipment from Philips Car Systems. The custom luggage bag was made by the Swiss travel goods company De'Shama.

Frank M. Rinderknecht utilized the very latest techniques in his development work. The vehicle was drafted out by computerized (CAD/CAM) methods. Changes are scarcely ever needed when the full-scale model is made. As Rinderknecht explains: "Using CAD/CAM, we obtain unsurpassed processing quality and also an unbeatable development speed."

Under the wide engine cover, the supercharged aluminum-block V8 engine has a rated output of 410 horsepower. This compact and centrally located power-pack accelerates the single-seater to 100 km/h from a standstill in just 4.8 seconds (and on to a top speed of 260 km/h). The Rinspeed E-Go Rocket’s composite body gives it outstanding strength and rigidity, but at the same time keeps its weight down to 1’050 kilograms. The inclination of the windshield is adjustable to the speed driven. The interior presents itself also in a new way: The seat is covered in washed blue denim. The 18-inch wheels are shod with 235/50 and 255/45 tires.

The Rinspeed E-Go Rocket, Frank M. Rinderknecht's latest automobile creation as its precessor the Rinspeed Mono Ego, is equally notable for the fact that it is a fully road-going car that complies with valid European Union legislation. "We wanted to build an exclusive car, but one that could be taken out on the roads as well as acting as a pilot project at exhibitions." With these words, Rinderknecht emphasizes the ambitious objectives he put into effect when designing and building the Rinspeed E-Go Rocket. The price of Rinspeed's latest avant-garde creation, to be built only on order, has not yet been determined.

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