1999 BMW M5 2

1999 BMW M5 - Motion

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BMW Cars  This sprawling photographic history spans the entire range of memorable automobiles of Bayerische Motorenwerke: from the early 1928 3/15 (a rebadged Austin Seven) to the Z8 roadster that took the automotive world by storm in 2000. The story is related in complete series and model histories, and overviews of the company's forays into motorsport. Gorgeously illustrated with rare, archival imagery and modern color photography, this lavish treatment features classics like the elegant pre-war 328, post-war 502 luxury saloons, the curious single-cylinder Isetta, 507 sports cars, the revolutionary 2002 Turbo, the M1 supercar, the Z3 roadster and much more.   10 x 10, 168 pages, 100 color and 100 b&w pictures

Driving Machines: The BMW Story  The history of one of the most highly respected manufacturers in the world is told in lively detail. From its very beginnings, building Austin Sevens under license, to a brand that epitomizes quality and style. It also serves as a useful guide to the sometimes confusing evolution of BMW's model range.    8 x 10 ½, 130 pages, 77 color and 49 b&w photos


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