2000-2006 Vorsteiner BMW E46 M3

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Perhaps the defining performance coupe of its day, the E46 M3 was powered by a 333 hp version of the BMW inline-6, which had been enlarged to 3.2 liters. With a weight of 3415 lbs, the M3 was able to run 0-62 mph in 5.1 seconds. Combining great handling, performance, practicality, and relative affordability, the M3 got high marks from just about every reviewer who ever tested its mettle. Road and Track in 2009 said the 2006 M3 with SMG transmission was their favorite sports car of all time.

This car is fitted with 19" V-FF 103 wheels from Vorsteiner, with 19x9.5 standard concavity in front, and wider 19x10.5 deep concavity in the rear. The split five spoke design is finished in Carbon Graphite.


(from Vorsteiner Press Release) V-FF 103 for BMW E46 M3

We were inspired by BMW’s passion for wanting to create emotion and genuine driving pleasure. BMW was the first make we ventured into and it’s no surprise we have applications to fulfill the majority of the best BMW chassis.

The BMW E46 M3 is fitted with Carbon Graphite V-FF 103 wheels in a staggered 19x9.5 with a standard concavity profile in the front and 19x10.5 with a deep concavity profile in the rear. The split five spoke design is an engineered masterpiece because of two things: the aesthetic beauty and the optimal performance it offers.

Vorsteiner V-FF 103 wheels are made using a special flow forging process that uses rollers to forge aluminum alloy and create a dense, lightweight molecular structure. The V-FF 103 wheels were also designed with an architecture that can withstand the stress from spirited driving with ease.

BMW inspires us and we want to continue to share that inspiration with you.

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