2000 Rinspeed Tatooo

(from Rinspeed Press Release)  Tatooo.com - the play on words combines the emotional, erotic appeal of human body art with the three zeros that have come to symbolize the new millennium. The Internet address is a website for the vehicle, as well as its name.

The original concept of the "Multi Utility Vehicle (M.U.V.)" was first demonstrated in last year’s creation for the Geneva Motor Show, the Rinspeed X-Trem. TATOOO.COM takes that concept to a new dimension.

The Design

The RINSPEED TATOOO.COM can't hide the fact that its roots lie in the traditional American hot rod. Its lines are reminiscent of the classic pick-up trucks of the Fifties. The dominating hood with its large air intakes lends a sporty and dynamic appearance to the showstopper.

The front and rear fenders with their generous sweeping lines just barely cover the extra-wide tires. The windshield and side windows are very low compared to contemporary production cars. These observation slits harken back to the hot rod era. The doors are completely free of attached parts, with the exception of the rearview mirrors required by law. Door handles have been replaced by a remote-controlled electromagnetic opening mechanism. The truck bed is also free of attached parts. Wide side skirts and modern light units provide the only visual clues that the vehicle is in fact a synthesis of old and new. The tailgate is a real novelty. It is essentially a frame with a transparent and indestructible Lexan plate in the center. The tailgate lends a much lighter appearance to the vehicle's rear and gives stylists unprecedented design freedom.

The Technology

Under the enormous front-hinged hood a powerful 5.7-liter V8 aluminum power plant delivers feisty acceleration. Precision tuning delivers a power output of 409 hp (301 kW) at 5’800 rpm. Maximum torque is 555 Nm at 4’350 rpm. The dual exhaust system with striking Remus tailpipes produces a robust sound. Ultra wide and ultra low Continental SportContact tires in sizes 245/35 ZR 20 and 295/40 ZR 20 provide the necessary grip for the enormous available torque. For mounting the tires, Italian wheel manufacturer OZ Racing created custom 20-inch rims. Getting to 100 km/h from a standstill takes just 5.9 seconds. Top speed is 245 km/h.

The RINSPEED TATOOO.COM features a pneumatic suspension to keep the vehicle leveled perfectly at all times. An infinite number of suspension settings are available at the push of a button. This offers a couple of advantages. In addition to continuously adjustable ride firmness, the suspension permits adjustments in ride height, depending on terrain, speed or road conditions.

Like all its predecessors, e.g. "X-Trem", "E-Go Rocket" and "Mono Ego", the TATOOO.COM is fully street-legal and conforms to all current EU regulations.

The X-Tra-Lift

The lifting mechanism "X-Tra-Lift" (+ patents pending), introduced last year, has undergone intensive further development. Through the use of a dual-arm cantilever, engineers have achieved linear lift without a center of gravity. A mechanical drive, located below the truck bed, swivels both arms to and fro in tandem, thus lifting or lowering the load platform in less than a minute. The electric motor is powered by the vehicle battery and activated by remote control. The system also incorporates all possible safety features, including an inclination angle limiter.

The "X-Tra-Lift" was specifically integrated into the vehicle design. The tubular frame offers protection against rollover accidents and visually integrates the system into the vehicle body.

The loading system is ready for production and enjoys high demand, especially in the USA.

Toys as Cargo

"B.O.B." isn’t a nickname for an American man in this case. Loaded onto the back of TATOOO.COM it stands for "Breathing Observation Bubble." "B.O.B." – produced in sunny Florida – is a totally new diving apparatus. The underwater motor scooter looks like something straight out of a science-fiction movie. Even beginners can easily dive up to 30 feet deep. The diver's head moves freely in an air pocket under a helmet reminiscent of Darth Vader. There is no mouthpiece, no regulator. A battery-powered propeller provides propulsion. Steering is done with a kind of bicycle handle that operates a rudder. Diving depth is controlled by a sack of air that inflates and deflates and is adjusted easily at the push of a button. The compressed-air bottle holds enough air for one-hour excursions under water.

Street toys, of course, also need to be transported. So a customized Ducati Monster 900 S with chrome styling is also available as cargo for easy transport.

The Interior

Serious Wheels