2002 Sivax Kira

(from Sivax Press Release) KIRA - SIVAX Original Concept Car for Paris Motor Show 2002


Tokyo street sends message that has been gathered and recomposed from around the world and KIRA was designed as a proposal of "The Tokyo Street" with a taste of the new Japanesque style.
The KIRA streetster cruises the streets like a boat, as an attempt to design an automobile as fashion that is not restricted by the conventional approach to automobile design.


"KIRA" is a term appearing in classic Japanese literature, meaning twilled white or plain colored silk representing elegant, beautiful clothing.

We chose not to pursue a typical nimble speedster appearance, but rather a smart look that caters strictly for town cruisers that the concept is known as street fashion. The window shield as sports sunglasses, the center consoles as a big brooch, seat covers raise the image of kimono etc. We have adopted a street fashion design that can be coordinated in a variety of ways.

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