2003 BMW 325Ci Europrojektz ///OSS


(from Luis Duran & Chase Laferney)  The Otherside of Evolution

In 1858 Charles Darwin's published work, On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection, claimed that the beautiful and mysterious living world surrounding us was a result of millions of years of evolution. Nature, Darwin said, seemed to choose over long periods of time which traits were desireable for the survival of a species. Species seem to evolve into exactly what nature demands. Luis Duran may have created a car that Darwin could certainly appreciate. When asked where the inspiration for the unique lines of his car originated, he simply replied, it always creates a path of its own... the car almost asks for what it needs next". With a strong artistic background, Duran has taken his 2003 325Ci on a unique evolutionary path that is clearly its own. The car has evolved and moved away from the typical tuning path of the wildly popular E46 coupe to become one of the most unique BMWs on the planet.

One may find themselves asking how a widebody E46 with DPE wheels is any different than any other number of Europrojektz BMWs of the past 3 years. With a few glances of the well-thought out, one-off lines of this car and an insight into the mind of the creator, we are certain you'll agree that this car is truly one of a kind.

Duran, a 32 year old music producer, began writing his own music by the age of 12 in his home country of Puerto Rico. By 16, he had packed up and left for Miami on his own in search of a music career. After a brief stint studying sound engineering in Miami, he left his studies because he felt he had already learned what he needed to know. Operating under the artist name Oss, Duran has released over 40 tracks and has been featured in several compilations series from artists like Paul Van Dyke, Sandra Collins, and Jason Dun. He has even had a few number one hits on the Balance charts. He is currently working on production for commercial and film use as well as working on a new album. Needless to say, the creative juices flow through this guy like Guinness through an Irishman.

Suprisingly, this car is the first real project Duran has ever undertaken. His first car was, in his words, a piece of ish and was made by a company who's name begins with Mitsu and ends with ishi. Other than some new headlights on a Honda Accord, Duran did not get the mod bug until 2004, when he purchased his 325Ci. Being a perfectionist and a creator, Duran vowed to himself that the car would not be touched by another individual. Like his music, he has always felt that his creations become an extension of himself and to let someone else create a part of that art would be unrepresentative of his vision. He has stuck to his guns and the result is spot on.

This truly evolving form has taken its first shape through focus on the exterior. Nothing leaves a better first impression than an oustanding exterior design. Rather than toying with minor typical modifications for the exterior, Duran shot for the sky before adding anything incredibly significant to other parts of the car. Doing something like custom widening the body of the car for a first timer can be intense. Duran recalls the day he cut his fenders, I really felt a fuse blow in my head. What the fuck am I doing? I ended up in the toilet and came out sweating bullets. I said, ok, let's go. It's either going to be bad ass, or it's going to be bad ass.

Starting with the timeless Mtech II BMW front and rear bumpers, Rieger sideskirts and front lip, Duran hand formed his own fender arches. He modified DTM Autohaus fender arches to Flossman GTR width. Duran quickly found that one of the most difficult experiences in aftermarket modifications is dealing with custom formed fiberglass. When two of the arches received did not match perfectly he needed to completely redo the panels to make the car symmetrical. We could go over the entire list of exterior modifications here, but the list is inconsequential when the final product is seen. The car looks as if it is meant to be that way, as if Duran's own nature demanded it to take the form it has. Duran's overall intention for the car was to make it look futuristic and an evolution beyond what the E46 has been. With help from Manu and Jojo at DPE Wheels, Duran was able to acquire a custom set of rivetless LS5 wheels in which a custom program had to be made for the face of the wheel. The car looks as fit as any E46 on the planet to survive the growing struggle to satisfy individuality in the custom scene.

The car's tools for survival don't stop with exterior modifications. Duran has also added a significant audio system comprised of mainly JL Audio components, a Pioneer video headunit, and a PS2 with wireless controllers and CDT Audio Components. The audio coupled with a full outfit of Jlevi & UED lighting gear, including DDEs, HIDs, Fog HIDs, and more, have created a car that is as electric on the inside as it is on the outside. His interior is outfitted with a custom painted M3 SMG steering wheel with paddleshifting for his steptronic transmission. Black M3 seats, a suede roof and pillars, as well as custom two-tone door panels, among many other changes, make this interior the perfect compliment to the stunning exterior.

While his performance modifications are enough to make the average man drool, Duran still believes he has a long way to go. Underdrive pulleys, Conforti software, a carbon fiber intake system and a custom quad exhaust highlight the engine modifications of this car. Coupled with wider tires, Duran's suspension setup does more than enough to have his car handling like a track car. F2 coilovers, camber plates and rear shock mounts along with Turner Motorsport sway bars and blue anodized rear camber arms give the car a low and menacing stance while enhancing the finest aspect of all E46s, the handling. Duran knows that the next step in this evolution is a supercharger and a set of big brakes to slow the monster down as quickly as it accelerates.

Duran, the Florida director for Europrojektz has definitely made a name for himself in the custom scene and Europrojektz is proud to have him not only as a member but as a leader in the crew. He has stepped into a difficult role as a new director for a up and coming chapter in Europrojektz and exceeded every expectation beyond comprehension. In his first year of being a director, Luis could only describe his experience with the crew as awe inspiring. EP can only say that it is they who have been inspired with awe and look forward to seeing what is next out of this guy from the otherside of the country. Darwin gave us the notion that only the strong survive over time and only those with the most adequate tools for survival will thrive. With Duran's creative genius we are quite certain he has the tools to tackle any obstacle in the custom car world and in life. Stay posted with Europrojektz as they bring you this and many other evolving rides in the days, months, and years to come.

Article written by Chase Laferney

Thanks:  I'd like to thank "Europrojektz" and Manu Gill for the great opportunity given to me, Jojo Cagungun and Mike at "DPE" for all your hard work on some amazing wheels, Garrett at "Unique Euro Design" for always supplying me with the best, Preston at F2 Autolife for his amazing suspension systems, Carlos at "Aldos Corner" for showing me "the way", Vydesh and the crew at "Marlin Motors" for helping me realize my vision, "E46Fanatics" for making a great outlet for enthusiasts, Alfonso Vergara, Henry Hughes, Tony Rivera, Jorge Herrera and Alanna Morales for all your help and contributions to make this project happen. And a special thanks to Hernando (Miami Topaz) for ruining my mind with the world of E46s and setting the pace of how things should be done!


Vehicle: 2003 BMW 325Ci
Titanium Silver/Grey Dakota
Sports Package
Premium Package
Bi-Xenon Auto Leveling Headlights
Power Front Seats w/Driver Memory
Power Glass Moon roof

Exterior: MTECH II front and rear as the foundation
Rieger MTECH II front Lip modified/edited & molded
Front bumper fog ducts Enlarged and meshed
Custom FG edits on sides of bumper to match wide body
Custom edits in the front bottom of bumper
Custom one piece splitter with winglets for support
M3 front fenders and wells
custom painted side gills and logo/emblem
DTMautohause rear fenders molded to flossman width
Wider Custom Rear Bumper with lower valance
Custom Made Rear Diffuser
Rear outtakes in FG molded to rear bumper
M3 hood with custom Vents
Edited hood lines above the headlights Jet black roof
Rieger Razor side skirts modified & molded and wide edit
CF Headlight Trims in Jet Black
Edited under headlight trims to a facelift feel
CF Door Pillars w/M logo custom painted Jet Black
Body Colored Grille with Jet Black Slats
Widened kidneys with 11 slats per side
Deleted Front Reflectors
Body Colored Keyhole cover
ACS Roofspoiler
Revozport CSL trunklid addon molded to facelift trunk lid
TiAg/Jetblack Roundels all around
M3 Auto Folding Mirrors w/ switch
Diamond Brilliant limo 5% all around 35% windshield
Black out corner indicators
Sprayed Black out Taillights
Custom paintjob in: Beryllium Silver Metallic

Wheels and Tires: DPE LS5 in Brushed Aluminum
Rivet less with custom program for face
Custom offset for the wide body
2.5 lip in the front and 5 lip in the back
20x8, 20x10
rivet lip black out theme
Toyo T1R 245/30/20 F
Toyo T1R 285/25/20 R
5 sets of RAD wheel locks

Suspension: F2 Autolife Type II Suspension
F2 Autolife Type II Camber Plates
F2 Autolife Type II RSMs
Turner Motorsports Rear Camber Arms in blue anodized
Turner Motorsports Sway Bars
Custom Swaybar enlinks with aluminum rod ends
ACS strut Bar
currently testing TYPE III prototype suspension

Brakes: Powerslot Silver slotted rotors
Tuner01 CF caliper Covers painted body color
Axxiss Deluxe plus pads
Rotora or willwood bbk

Engine & Exhaust: UUC Underdrive Pulleys
DINAN Tranny Software
Jim Conforti SHARK software upgrade
Ram Air Style CF Intake
CF cover for battery compartment
Engine bay Paint Scheme
Aluminum Billet oil cover
QUAD Exaust with 88mm Tips all around
Resonator Delete
Ceramic coated headers

Lighting: QUAD Projector mod w/ single Xenon Proj. in HighBeams
Xtec 8000k H7 Hid Kit for high beams with custom switch
OEM LED Taillights incl.Reverse covers
Tower LED Amber Front Corners w/Resistors
LED Amber side markers w/Resistors
Full CCFL white Custom Interior Lighting
LED Reverse Lights
CCFL License plate mod
Predator Chromium DDEs with custom switch
8000K D2C for Low Beams
MTECHII projector Fog housings
Xtec HID fog Kit with 8000K H3
Corner Delete Mod with resistors
CCFL windshield mod

Interior: OEM M3 SMG steering wheel with custom paint scheme
Paddle shifting mod attached to steptronic system
SMG steering switch
Full Aluminum Pedal Kit incl. Dead Pedal
Manual shifter and boot edit
OEM Matt chrome e-brake Handle
Black Floor Matts
///M side sills
NRAuto Silver Gauges
Silver Gauge rings
Euro Aluminum Billet door pins
Auto Dimming Mirror Retrofit
Custom FG 2 tone door panels with center in suede
Painted control sides and lift handles of seats
Black center console and ebrake boot
Custom painted interior trim
Roof and pillars and dash in suede
iWindows one touch system
Black M3 seats front and non-M rears
Custom floormatts with ///Oss logo
Finishing a set of custom illuminated sidesills with ///Oss logo

ICE: PS2 in glove box with wireless controllers
8 pioneer AVD-W8000 removable screen
Custom swivel bracket for screen
JL Audio W7 12 sub with rear window enclosure
JL Audio 1000/1 amplifier
JL Audio 450/4 amplifier
CDT Audio HD632 3 way setup components 6.5/3/1 Edited door panels with FG to fit 6.5 woofers
Cascade Audio SK-2 performance speaker kit
CDT audio Upstage UP219T system w/ 3.5 in pillars
CDT audio M6 upgraded woofers 6.5
JL Audio cleansweep oem interface
5farad cap by Power Akoustics
Custom floor amp enclosure with inch plexi
Custom rear treatment on trunk with suede
Brushed aluminum insets in the rear and vinyl treatment
JL Wiring and mercury switch in Bootlid for CCFL lights
Doubledin Face plate from Mybimmer.net
Replacing Pioneer removable screen with Pioneer doubledin

BOLD: Currently Installed
Italic: Future mods

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