2003 Fiat Marrakech Concept


(from Fiat Press Release)  Concept Cars Fiat Marrakech

All eyes at the Swiss show will be on the Fiat Marrakech and Fiat Simba. These two concept cars, built on the 'Project 169' base, exemplify the versatility of the new compact car.

The name Marrakech conjures up a picture of desert dunes and also evokes an idea of holidays in the widest sense of the word: as an expression of pleasurable, carefree days where the fun is as much about getting there as arriving. Its compact shape makes you want to reach out and hug it. At just 3.57 metres long, 1.61 metres wide and 1.48 metres high with a wheelbase of 2.30 metres, it would not be difficult to imagine it threading its way through tiny streets. Its dune-buggy looks would be just as at home cavorting in the open air or on the beach of a smart resort on the Côte d'Azure.

This is no mere coincidence because the Fiat prototype has borrowed certain traits from the famous dune buggy of the Sixties. from its open body to its low, windowless doors (easier to climb over than through), tubework to protect passengers and four drive wheels. The prototype comes with four wheel drive (4x4 system with viscous coupling) and 16" wheels with 205/50 tyres.

An all-terrain look that leaves little room for doubt: the Marrakech is the ideal companion for extreme fun. Friends are welcome to join in too, because it can easily accommodate four people.
The Fiat concept car arouses emotions and guarantees driving satisfaction while giving you the will to live life to the full.

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