2003 Fiat Simba Concept


(from Fiat Press Release)  Concept Cars Fiat Simba

A name redolent of the Savannah and a vehicle with a shape that speaks of journeys and adventure despite an ability to slip through traffic jams with equal ease. These are the distinctive features of the Fiat Simba, the car that caused such a stir among the public and motoring journalists at the 26th Bologna Motor Show (the model's world premiere).

The Fiat Simba is a revolutionary concept due to its original styling and versatility, a prototype that will open up new horizons in the minicar segment. It is the first example in Europe of an off-roader that is small yet able to combine the idea of roughing it with the comfort and performance of a conventional car.

The Fiat designers were able to delve into the great technical and design heritage Fiat has built up over decades and apply the skills of a company that has led the compact vehicle market for more than seventy years.

With an eye on changing customer profiles within the sector and the good potential growth prospects, we came up with the Simba. This is, in essence, a car with a dual personality that conveys an immediate impression of freshness and fun backed by solidity and sturdiness. The Fiat Simba, created to entertain yet also to surprise the most sceptical young customer, may be envisaged (and experienced) as an authentic off-road vehicle you could take on a desert rally or drive through dense jungle vegetation. Or it could be a fun small car capable of navigating intricate city centre streets and slaloming through traffic with ease. No obstacles could possibly stand in the way of the Fiat Simba's four wheel drive system (4x4 with viscous coupling) and neat size (3680 mm long, 1730 mm high and 1630 mm wide).

Externally, the prototype is distinguished by crisp body lines and typical off-road equipment: big headlights, spare wheel on the roof, broad windscreen for the best visibility and straight sides for ease of manoeuvring.

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