2003 Toyota CS&S Concept

(from Toyota Press Release)  Meet the CS&S, the first hybrid open sports car, a 2+2 configuration with a midship engine on a short chassis. Exhilarating acceleration and the all-wheel control of E-Four (Electric 4-Wheel Drive) take you to a new level of driving pleasure.

Environmental and driving performance – a new high in compatibility

The midship-mounted next-generation Toyota Hybrid System employed by the CS&S achieves both
high power and environmental performance at the same time. While reducing the environmental
burden, this powerhouse raises the “fun to drive” quotient for real sports car excitement. It’s another
pioneering step into the automotive future for Toyota’s hybrid technology.

Alluring styling hints at powerful performance

This simple, geometric form organically melds wheel arches with 2-seater canopy lines. The contrast of curves and sharp angles on the CS&S body complements its short, wide and low-slung unique
proportions, reflecting Toyota’s design philosophy of “Vibrant Clarity.”

Simple & sporty interior

Linked to the exterior design, a horseshoe motif defines individual spaces for driver and passenger
in this simple interior design, which expresses the vehicle’s sporty performance. Located between
the front seat and the midship hybrid unit, the rear seat can be made available by sliding open the
rear canopy. Though short, the CS&S offers 2+2 convenience. Pushing the front seats down creates
a protective cover for security, thereby overcoming a weak point of convertible designs.

Futuristic interface – Toyota Space Touch

A magnified image of the interface is projected on a screen so that controls appear to float in midair.
“Touch” these virtual controls and a video camera captures your hand position to provide intuitive,
stress-free response. The result is effortless operation of the car navigation system, air conditioner,
and other functions, for the driver as well as passenger.

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