2004 Aston Martin Vanquish Roadster by Zagato

A hard top for winter, developed to not appear as an add-on but as an integral part that also takes in the rear. On warmer days of the year, its place is taken by a transparent hardened glass and an easily used soft cover.

Developed by Zagato’s engineers, this soft top is easily and simply mounted and, when not in use, is held in the luggage compartment without taking up much space.

The car has a round rear light cluster, a tapered tail to best feature the wheelbox and a completely new rear bumper. The hardened glass, with its curvy ‘double bubble’ form, emphasises how unique and valued is this proposal, balancing in a different, almost extravagant way, the relationship between the solid and void.

Special care has been applied to the interior trim, made exclusive by the design and type of seaming introduced.
A luggage compartment immediately behind the seats can also be seen through the glass cover.

At the front, the Vanquish Roadster proposal retains the design of the coupe version famous for being James Bond’s most recent car.

Vanquish Roadster

Height: 1265 mm
Width: 1923 mm
Length: 4685 mm
Wheelbase: 2690 mm
Front track: 1572 mm
Rear track: 1584 mm

Engine: V-12
Capacity: 5935 cc
Torque Nm/rpm: 555/5000
Weight/power ratio: 541
Max speed: n.a.

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