2004 Hummer H1



"Unique." "The original." "The world's premier off-road vehicle." There are many ways to describe the HUMMER H1. Also fitting is "cornerstone," since it's the foundation upon which the HUMMER sales growth is built.

"The H1 is what started it all for HUMMER," said Michael C. DiGiovanni, HUMMER general manager. "It's the vehicle that drew the interest of adventurous consumers across the nation, as well as the interest of GM. It offers superior off-road capabilities rugged enough for the Baja and powerful highway performance."

Rugged enough for Baja

No matter whether H1 customers choose the 4-Door Wagon model or the 4-Door Open Top, they'll rest assured knowing their vehicle can tackle the most difficult terrain. That's because the HUMMER H1 is no SUV afterthought. It wasn't designed to be satisfied with tackling 22 inches of snow or curb-high obstacles. In fact, it wasn't "designed" as much as it was "engineered." More specifically, it was engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the U.S. armed forces who needed a vehicle with power, agility and durability like nothing in existence. Strip away some refinements and creature comforts, and the HUMMER H1 is still the "HUMVEE" so trusted and respected by the military.

Where does one start in describing H1's off-road capability? How about its 16-inch vertical ground clearance - almost double that of any other 4x4. Let's not overlook H1's dramatic approach and departure angles of 72 degrees and 37.5 degrees, respectively, or the 17-inch aluminum wheels shod with 37-inch tires. You may never encounter the actual need, but there's a degree of comfort in knowing this vehicle can ford a 30-inch deep body of water.

Four-wheel drive is standard and features TorqTrac 4 technology. It automatically reduces tire spin on severe terrain or slippery surfaces by applying the brake to the spinning wheel. This allows the differential to redistribute torque to those wheels with traction. As if that weren't enough, H1 owners may opt for the Off-Road Adventure Package. This package is the ultimate in off-road equipment, and includes a front and rear Eaton ELocker locking differential. Activated instantaneously at the push of a button, the front and rear differentials can be locked for optimum slow-speed capability in climbing over large rocks or up long, steep grades. The Off-road Adventure Package also includes a 12,000-pound winch kit, 17-inch, two-piece aluminum wheels with dual beadlocks, and Goodyear Wrangler MT/R tires. Goodyear GSA tires can be substituted for the MT/R tires, if the customer so desires.

Included as standard equipment on every H1 are a Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) and a Runflat Tire System. CTIS enables H1 owners to adjust tire pressure on the move and adapt to varying terrain. For example, if additional traction in snow, loose sand or mud is required, the H1's tires can be deflated with the push of a button from inside the vehicle. Another push of the same button when traction conditions have improved re-inflates the tires. H1's Runflat Tire System, meanwhile, enables drivers to continue driving on a deflated tire for up to 20 miles at 30 mph - ideal when the nearest service station is not right around the corner.

Further aiding peace of mind while off road are H1's low center of gravity, long wheelbase (130 inches) and nearly 72-inch track. The result is a vehicle that is extremely stable - on- and off-road.

Civilized enough for everyday commute

While H1 is rightly considered the ultimate sport utility vehicle, it's also adept at overcoming the obstacles commonly found in the asphalt jungle.

Interior creature comforts include an instrument panel specifically designed to place major controls and switches within easy reach of the driver. Audiophiles will enjoy the standard Monsoon audio system with an integral six-disc CD changer. Other H1 features designed to enhance convenience, comfort and safety include a heated windshield, tire pressure gauge (part of CTIS), driver's express-down window, heated power exterior mirrors and remote keyless entry.

The HUMMER H1 is so well-equipped that very few other options are available. In addition to the Off-road Adventure Package, leather seats with heating elements for the driver and front passenger are among them.

A host of dealer-installed accessories are also available, enabling H1 owners to customize their vehicle to best meet their specific needs.

More power and plenty of poise

HUMMER H1 is powered by a retuned 6.5L, turbo-diesel V-8 engine that for 2004 delivers 205 horsepower (152 kw) at 3400 rpm and an impressive 440 lb.-ft. (596 Nm) of torque at 1800 rpm. That's 10 horsepower (7 kw) and 10 lb.-ft. (14 Nm) of torque more than the 2003 powerplant. Yet enhanced performance is only part of the engine's story. The retuning also enables the 6500 to meet the more stringent emission requirements starting in 2004. It's mated to GM's Hydra-Matic 4L80-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission. Over time, this transmission monitors the customer's driving technique and adjusts for driving style. The New Venture Gear Model 242 transfer case enables the driver to customize the drivetrain configurations to match virtually any terrain.

H1 has a four-wheel fully independent suspension system and variable-rate heavy-duty coil springs. The front suspension incorporates a large stabilizer bar to improve handling and reduce sway when cornering. The truck's four-channel ABS four-wheel power disc brakes are mounted inboard as a component of the axle assembly, making them less vulnerable to damage than conventional wheel-mounted components.

"There's still nothing else on the road today with the panache of the H1," said DiGiovanni. "No other SUV can match its off-road capability and no other SUV - and very few vehicles in general - have the attention-grabbing styling of the H1. It remains the foundation upon which to build the HUMMER future."

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