2004 Nissan NISMO Racing Z

(from Nissan Press Release)  Nissan will be entering the Z33 Fairlady Z in the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC). Kunihiko Kakimoto has been appointed to oversee the GT500 class Nissan teams, while Hiroshi Degawa spearheads the NISMO team. NISMO also provides technological support to Hasemi Motor Sport and Team Impul, making a total of four Nissan-affiliated cars competing in the series. NISMO has responsibility for vehicle development.

* Entrant Name NISMO
Team Manager Hiroshi Degawa
Engine tuner Autech Japan
Car Number #1 Xanavi NISMO Z
Driver Satoshi Motoyama Richard Lyons
Car Number #22 Motul Pitwork Z
Driver Masami Kageyama Michael Krumm

* Entrant Name Hasemi Motor Sport
Team Manager Masahiro Hasemi
Engine tuner Tomei Engin
Car Number #3 G'ZOX.SSR.Z
Driver Toshihiro Kaneishi Eric Comas

* Entrant Name Team Impul
Team Manager Kazuyoshi Hoshino
Engine tuner Tomei Engin
Car Number #12 Calsonic Impul Z
Driver Yuji Ide Benoit Treluyer

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