2004 Parotech Sony Audi S8


(from Parotech press release)  2004 Audi S8 / SONY show car

After a first successful collaboration between SONY and PAROTECH, SONY chooses PAROTECH, for the design and conception of the show car for the 2005 Advertising campaign.
After more than 6000 hours of work, the S8 is ended, and begin a successful Europe Tour, with many price and awards.

The car is so popular for the Japanese SONY leader that the brand decides to put it in his new promotional catalogue (more than 1 million prints).

Parotech confirm is leader place, in the France custom world.

It’s a new kind of customization called “le concept tuning”, halfway between Concept car, and custom building, and it’s prefigure, the future PAROTECH realization.

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