Brabus Ultimate 101


(from Brabus Press Release)  BRABUS ( ) now offers the sportiest subcompact ever. Starting immediately BRABUS will take orders for the special model with exclusive BRABUS equipment and 101 hp / 74 kW of power. The car is painted 'Racing Red' and costs 39,900 Euros MSRP.

The three-cylinder turbocharged engine has proven its mettle already in the large BRABUS Roadster. In the BRABUS ULTIMATE 101 it also delivers a powerful 101 hp / 74 kW at 5,250 rpm. Its peak torque of 130 Nm is available on a wide plateau from 2,500 to 5,300 rpm. The sprint from 0 - 100 km/h takes just 11.2 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 160 km/h.

In everydriving situations the 101-hp / 74-kW BRABUS engine delivers sporty acceleration as well as strong pulling power from low engine speeds.

The six speeds of the BRABUS ULTIMATE 101's sequential gearbox are shifted with steering-wheel paddles just like in Formula 1 racing. The steering wheel offers optimal grip and measures just 34 centimeters across. The conventional shift lever between the seats remains fully functional.

The BRABUS ULTIMATE 101 is available exclusively in bright 'Racing Red' and comes with an especially exclusive equipment list: In addition to an air conditioning system, radio and navigation system the car comes with numerous exclusive BRABUS accessories.

The BRABUS ULTIMATE 101 shines with immersion-polished extra-wide BRABUS Monoblock VI light-alloy wheels in size 5,5Jx16 in front and in size 8Jx17 on the rear axle. The wheels are mounted with Yokohama tires in size 175/50 R 16 on the front axle and in size 225/35 R 17 in the rear, where they are housed below BRABUS 'widestar' fender flares. All that rubber in contact with the road makes the BRABUS ULTIMATE 101 capable of highly sporty driving.

For sporty yet comfortable handling the BRABUS ULTIMATE 101 comes with a BRABUS sport suspension calibrated to the wider track. The new spring and damper settings offer sporty yet comfortable handling with large safety reserves.

The BRABUS ULTIMATE 101's impressive looks are rounded out by the BRABUS front spoiler, painted in body color, side flaps on the door sills and the stainless-steel BRABUS rear molding. From its center protrude the two chrome tailpipes of the stainless-steel sport exhaust system, which was developed specifically for the BRABUS ULTIMATE 101.
Further appeal of the exclusive convertible comes from its exclusive black interior with red ornamental seams and embroidered BRABUS ULTIMATE 101 emblems: Seats, interior door panels and dashboard are covered with especially soft and breathable BRABUS Mastik leather and Alcantara. Instrument bevels, dashboard carrier trim, turn-signal switch and door handles add bright-red accents, color-coordinated with the exterior color. The sporty character of the BRABUS ULTIMATE 101 is further emphasized by aluminum foot pedals, shift knob and emergency brake lever.

The BRABUS ULTIMATE 101 plaque with consecutive numbering documents the exclusivity of this special model.

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