2005 Chevrolet Super Stepside Custom

(from Joe Greeves & Super Stepside)  This 'truck' is not what it appears to be. Like the El Camino, it combines the luxury of a passenger car with the utility of a light pickup. The four-piece Super Stepside fiberglass kit converted this 1989 Chevrolet Caprice four-door sedan into a Corvette- styled pickup truck. (See www.superstepside.com for details) In addition to its custom body, it's loaded with extras to include an air suspension, 15 speaker Blaupunkt stereo, DVD with flip face monitor and sun visor monitors, GPS satellite navigation and Serius satellite radio, Dakota Digital dash, and Honda bucket seats. StreetGlow orange neon inside and out create a light show when the sun goes down while the House of Kolor Tangelo Pearl and black makes sure the truck never travels anywhere unnoticed. KMC "SS" 20s & 22s get it rolling in style. The bed is oak and sports a full-size 20 inch spare along with a separate compartment for the jack, jack stands, and second Optima battery. A Pace-Edwards electric tonneau cover opens with a remote, provides vault-like security, and is strong enough to easily support a Bikini model.

Owner Joe Greeves is a retired Marine Colonel as well as an active photojournalist since 1974. He writes for 14 different automotive, stereo, and kit car magazines, published an average of 10 to 12 times every month. His Super Stepside has been featured in ten magazines including publications in London, Australia, and Canada. You can see the truck in person on the 2006 World of Wheels tour.


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