2005 Daihatsu HVS Concept


(from Daihatsu Press Release)  The HVS is a hybrid open sports car that offers a sophisticated fusion of driving performance and environment-frendly performance.

This advanced roadster points the way to the next generation of sports car, with its hybrid system delivering sporty response on a par with that of 2-litre engine vehicles and excellent fuel economy of 35km/litre*, surpassing expectations for 1-litre engine vehicles - all packed into a compact open body.

Combining the advanced look of a hybrid car with the pulse-quickening shapeliness of a sports car, the HVS has a low center of gravity with a spindle shape, delivering an experience where driver and car become one in its 3,715mm long compact body. The car's elegantly flowing lines are emphasized by the design's freedom from excessive decoration.

The cockpit features a steep wrap-around dashboard and form-fitting seats, providing the proper balance of openness and security that one seeks in a roadster. Careful attention to color and materials assures a high-quality impression, while the metal accents, such as on the meter cluster and center console, add a sporty, progressive touch.

The car's front-mounted hybrid system combines a 1.5-litre inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine with two motors. The engine develops maximum output of 80kW (109PS) and maximum torque of 141Nm (14.4kgm). With its high-power motors and smooth, seamless acceleration due to the outstanding power transmission efficiency of the hybrid system, the HVS delivers sporty response with ample torque on a par with 2-litre engine vehicles. Powerful acceleration and stability are further enhanced by the rear electric motor with left-right drive power control mechanism. Thanks to highly efficient system operation, fuel economy is an impressive 35km/litre*, surpassing expectations for 1-litre engine vehicles. In addition, the HVS achieves outstanding environment-friendly performance, with emissions reduction equivalent to 75% below Japan's 2005 regulations.

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