2005 Ferrari Design Competition

(from Ferrari Press Release)  Luca di Montezemolo and Sergio Pininfarina announced today in Maranello the winners of the Car Design competition that greatly excited the upcoming automotive design talents from all over the world.

The 20 finalists models have been conceived by students coming from 13 different countries, representing four renowned schools - College for Creative Studies of Detroit, Coventry University School of Art & Design, Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin and Tokyo Communication Arts.

This morning, the young designers introduced their 1:4 scale models to the jury, as well as a series of sketches and concepts of the inside and the outside of their designs.

The winning models are:

- "Millechili" - by Luis Agullo Spottorno (Spain) and Felix Hiller (Germany) - Istituto Europeo di Design, Turin

  • - "Fiorano" - by Rob Battams (UK), Tom Hardman (UK) and David Imai (USA), Coventry University - School of Art & Design

  • - "Tre Diviso" - by Daisuke Nagasato (Japan), Kim Teakyung (Korea) and Hiroaki Yakubo (Japan) - Tokyo Communication Arts

  • - "Ascari" - by Manuele Amprimo (Italy), Werner Gruber (Italy) and Yu Jae-Cheul (Korea) - Istituto Europeo di Design, Turin

  • The four winners will have the unique opportunity of work experience at Ferrari's or Pininfarina's Concept Design's Department .

    Special mentions for significant proposals have been given to:

    - the high level of attention and care shown towards the project: Tokyo Communication Arts

  • - the most voted project at www.ferrariworld.com site: "Ferrari F Zero" - by Jean-Michel Raad (France), Shen Jiang (China) and Leon Dang (China) - Coventry University School of Art & Design

  • - best project's name: "Millechili" - by Luis Agullo Spottorno (Spain) and Felix Hiller (Germany) - Istituto Europeo di Design, Turin

  • - female team: "Vigore" by Keiko Ikeda (Japan), Hye Jin Kim (Korea) and Yanagimoto Kazuo (Japan)

  • "612 Lafayette" - by Shigenori Maeda (Japan), from the College for Creative Studies of Detroit, has won the "Alcoa Award", a special design prize for Excellence Design for Aluminum: the winner will receive an aluminum reproduction of his model.

    The Sunday Times, the leading UK Sunday newspaper, also presented its special "Reader's Award" to the "Ferrari F Zero" project.

    The competition, organised in partnership with Pininfarina and with the support of Alcoa (the company that produces aluminium spaceframes for Ferrari) has seen works from the most talented students of each college, who have been challenging themselves to produce 1:4 scale Ferrari models, proposing stimulating alternatives to the internationally acclaimed shapes of the current and previous mid-engined eight cylinder cars and the front-engined twelve cylinder cars. The students have had total creative freedom, although their designs had to retain the recognizable features and values of the Ferrari Marque.

    The jury was composed of a team that, in real life, decides the style of Ferrari cars designated for production: President Luca di Montezemolo, Vice President Piero Ferrari, General Manager Jean Todt, Vice General Manager Amedeo Felisa, the new Concept Design Chief Donato Coco and the Head of Product Portfolio Development Massimo Fumarola. In addition, Life Senator Sergio Pininfarina and Ken Okuyama, Chief Designer for Pininfarina, were part of the jury. Even Giuseppe Bonollo and Frank Stephenson, currently Responsible for Product Portfolio Management of Fiat, and Responsible for Fiat and Lancia's Style Centre respectively, took part in the jury, as previously Ferrari's Responsible for Product Strategies and Responsible for Concept Design.

    During the last three weeks, the section of the site www.ferrariworld.com, containing photos of the twenty finalists, was visited by more than 22,000 users, who have expressed their personal judgment on the different proposals.

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