2005 Ford Mustang GT by Roush Performance


(from Ford Press Release)  Incorporating features reminiscent of a racecar, the Ford Mustang by Roush Performance falls somewhere in between the bounds of race-ready and street-legal. Roush is certainly a brand that supports the concept, having won more than 300 races, and 34 championships in all major series (SCCA, IMSA, NHRA, and all three levels of NASCAR). The Ford Mustang by Roush Performance will help to continue the legacy, by accentuating the proud design themes incorporated in the stock factory "road" version of the 2005 Ford Mustang GT.

Base Vehicle
2005 Ford Mustang GT Coupe Premium

4.6-liter 3-valve V-8

5-speed manual transmission
Roush 4.6-liter, 3-valve supercharger system with Eaton internals

Roush Performance suspension (shocks, springs, sway bars & control arms)
Alcon and Roush brakes (14" rotors front and 12" rotors rear)

Wheels & Tires
Super Alloy 18" wheels with performance tires

Roush Manufacturing front bumper cover, front chin spoiler, front splitter, hood scoop, side skirts, rear 1/4 window scoops, rear valance and valance inserts, rear wing (3-piece)
Lower fog lamps from Valeo
Roush front and rear window banner

classic Soft Trim and Roush leather seats with Jack Roush Signature
Hurst and Roush short throw shifter
Roush floor mats by Falcon Enterprises
SIMCO instrument cluster insert
Woodview molded dash trim kit

Created By
Roush Performance
Livonia, MI

Serious Wheels