2005 Suzuki Wave Grand Vitara


(from Suzuki Press Release)  The "Wave" Grand Vitara offers innovative design and technology to watersports enthusiasts. The unique frame design of the "Wave" resembles a convertible SUV with all the capabilities of the all-new Grand Vitara and more. With a towing capacity of 3,000 lbs., the Grand Vitara concept is designed to pull a boat or jet skis for lake-bound enthusiasts.

In addition, the "Wave" offers an in-dash GPS and navigation system to help adventurers find their way to the latest sporting event or watercraft launching spot. The "Wave" also is equipped with built-in monitors in the rear headrests for ultimate passenger enjoyment. Other features include, nautical-themed railing doors, a tailgate-friendly removable, wheeled barbeque and food cooler and rear-facing television camera to help hook up a boat trailer. To showcase Suzuki's tailgate-friendly concept vehicle, the "Wave" kicked off a 12-market college football and NFL tailgate tour across the country in conjunction with the American Tailgating Association and Sports Illustrated. Following an action-packed tailgate schedule, the "Wave" will join the auto show circuit, with stops planned in San Diego, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio, Dallas and Atlanta.

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