2005 Ultima GTR 640


(from Ultima Press Release)  The Ultima Factory, who are the current world record 0-100mph-0 holders, yesterday proved beyond any doubt that the Ultima GTR is the fastest accelerating and decelerating road car on the planet by setting a new world record time of 9.9 seconds for the 0-100mph-0 sprint. This is the first ever sub ten seconds 0-100mph-0 recorded in the world!

The standard factory production specification Ultima GTR was powered by a 377c.i 685bhp Chevrolet V8 engine once again built by American Speed who are the official Original Equipment engine suppliers to Ultima. This engine is a standard part option available from the American Speed pricelist at www.amerspeed.com

The Ultima GTR stormed from 0-60mph in 2.7secs and 0-100mph in 5.5 secs which are in themselves world record times, and braked from 100mph to zero in just 3.9 secs.

Richard Marlow, director of Ultima Sports Ltd and driver of the Ultima GTR during the world record run said “Our new world record once again proves that the Ultima GTR is truly the fastest supercar currently available in the world today, and by a substantial margin. What’s more as with all factory spec Ultima’s the devastatingly fast world record breaking GTR is equally at home on the public roads as it’s an absolute pleasure to drive at normal road speeds thanks to the car’s user-friendly nature and smooth power banded engine. We look forward to the Stig taking on allcomers around the Top Gear test track in our demonstrator assuming of course that the BBC feel it is appropriate to give our British built sportscar the opportunity to humiliate their current lap record holder the Ferrari Enzo.”

The Ultima GTR used on the successful record attempt was fully road legal, fitted with road tyres and was driven to and from the test venue. Once again the world record was strictly conducted, overseen and verified by an official from Datron Technology who are acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records and the motoring press as official timekeepers, using state of the art Microsat GPS equipment.

A submission has been sent to the Guinness Book of Records.

0-100mph-0 comparison times

Ultima GTR 9.9secs
Ferrari Enzo 10.9secs
McLaren F1 LM 11.5secs
Porsche Carrera GT 11.6secs
Pagani Zonda 11.8secs
Porsche 911 Ruf R Turbo 13.1secs
Ferrari F40 13.8secs
Lamborghini Murcielago 13.9secs
Aston Martin DB9 14.9secs
Honda NSX Type-R 16.2secs

0-60mph comparison times

Ultima GTR 2.7secs
Ferrari Enzo 3.4secs
McLaren F1 LM 3.2secs
Porsche Carrera GT 3.7secs
Pagani Zonda 3.7secs
Porsche 911 Ruf R Turbo 3.7secs
Ferrari F40 3.8secs
Lamborghini Murcielago 4.0secs
Aston Martin DB9 5.0secs
Honda NSX Type-R 4.9secs

0-100mph comparison times

Ultima GTR 5.5secs
Ferrari Enzo 6.7secs
McLaren F1 LM 6.3secs
Porsche Carrera GT 7.4secs
Pagani Zonda 7.5secs
Porsche 911 Ruf R Turbo 8.5secs
Ferrari F40 7.8secs
Lamborghini Murcielago 9.0secs
Aston Martin DB9 10.2secs
Honda NSX Type-R 11.4secs

100mph-0 braking comparison times (not including drivers reaction time)

Ultima GTR 3.6secs
Ferrari Enzo 4.0secs
McLaren F1 LM 4.6secs
Porsche Carrera GT 4.1secs
Pagani Zonda 4.0secs
Porsche 911 Ruf R Turbo 4.2secs
Ferrari F40 4.7secs
Lamborghini Murcielago 4.4secs
Aston Martin DB9 4.4secs
Honda NSX Type-R 4.4secs

Videos of the world record run including in car footage and external view can be viewed here.
Full data sheet can be viewed here.


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