2005 Venturi Fetish


(from Venturi Press Release)  Venturi will make its U.S. debut by presenting the most astonishing sports car ever to take to the road. The Fétish is in fact the first electrically powered production car in history to be so sexy, so exceptional, and so much fun to drive. The Venturi Fétish is also the 1st electric road car to be a genuine dream car.


Venturi has entrusted the French engineer Gérard Ducarouge (of Lotus Formula 1, Matra Formula 1 and Le Mans fame) with the conception of this car of a new era. The Fétish has been conceived as an electric vehicle with absolutely no compromises, utilizing the latest in state of the art technologies.
The general architecture of the car is similar to that of a racing car. The motor, ideally mounted in a central rear position, is enclosed in a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. As a result, the car weighs only 2,424 pounds with batteries, and 1,653 without.

Thanks to its electronically managed Lithium-Ion batteries (58 KWh), positioned in a T shape within the chassis, the Fétish has a range of more than 200 miles and a very quick recharge of 1 mile per minute (under 80 Amp.).

Light and perfectly well balanced, the Fétish offers tremendous performance: it has remarkable acceleration - 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds – and a top speed of more than 100 mph, well above posted speed limits. The powerful 14,000 rpm, 180 KW motor produces very linear torque that, unlike an internal combustion engine, is instantaneously available, even from a complete standstill. The motor braking can be regulated from the dashboard, and enables the batteries to recharge with every deceleration.


The Venturi Fétish can be considered the most contemporary car available today, since it takes into consideration today’s ecological matters and simultaneously presents an extremely positive vision of tomorrow’s automobile, made for driving pleasure.
This very innovative approach constitutes a major cultural change - the entry of a noiseless electric car into the very elite circle of the true sports car.
Thus, the Fétish offers to its driver and passenger a new experience of mobility 20 years ahead of its time.


Gildo, CEO of Venturi, has envisioned the Venturi Fétish for “25 exceptional people who are able to change worldwide mentalities on electric propulsion”.

This highly technological car - the most expensive as well as the rarest car of the show - will be sold as a work of contemporary art, with production limited to 25 pieces worldwide.

Drawn by the French designer Sacha Lakic and assembled in California, Fétish will be sold for $660,000 in 3 cities in the world: Los Angeles, Tokyo and Monte-Carlo.


Length 153 in.
Width 74 in.
Height 47 in.
Front track 59 in.
Rear track 62 in.
Wheelbase 102 in.
Front wheels 18 in.
Rear wheels 19 in.

Without battery 1,653 lb
Battery package 771 lb
Curb weight 2,424 lb

0 to 60 mph less than 5 sec.
Top speed 100 + mph
Range 200 + miles

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