2006 AC Schnitzer ACS6 Sport

(from AC Schnitzer Press Release)  Where the "rebirth" of the BMW 6-series awakened deep emotions and reminded us of the legendary two-way fight on the track, the new BMW M6 is the embodiment of ultimate driving machine. To quote the builder, the new M6 is "not a race car, not a luxury coupé - but both."

The concept of combining two excellent cars in one model has already been successfully implemented by the BMW engineers in the M5. And to prove the fact that this concept can be refined further, the AC Schnitzer interpretation of the M5, the AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport, celebrated its premiere at the IAA 2005, presenting the new AC Schnitzer design line for BMW M-vehicles. Now it's a question of adapting this new design line for the BMW M6.

To give the M6 a more powerful voice and at the same time optimise the response behaviour and gas throughput, the new fully stainless steel rear silencer system "Sports Trim" has been adapted accordingly for the M6.

The next step facing the engineers was to improve the driving dynamics. Thanks to a suspension spring kit which lowers the M6 by around 25 mm and hence lowers the centre of gravity - above all in conjunction with the front axle strut brace of aluminium and the special antiroll bar kit - not only are perceptibly higher cornering speeds possible but the safety reserves, e.g. on fast load changes, are perceptibly increased.

The AC Schnitzer engineers have fitted the M6 with racing rims and alloy wheels in various designs and sizes.  As one-piece monoblock variants, Type III and Type IV wheels are available in sizes 8.5J x 19" and 9.5J x 19". Even more exclusive are the AC Schnitzer racing rims Type III and Type IV, which have been tested in various dimensions from 19" through 20" and in the top version even up to size
9.0J or 10.0J x 21".

The absolute highlight in the AC Schnitzer wheel range is the new "Forged Wheel". This alloy forged wheel with bicolour finish - i.e. partly polished, partly painted surface - achieves what appears contradictory in principle:  Reduction in weight with simultaneously maximum wheel diameters and widths. The AC Schnitzer engineers and designers achieve this masterpiece with the "Forged Wheel", the design of which - although unmistakeably revealing its kinship with the Type IV alloy - remains totally unique. The "Forged Wheel" is available for the BMW M6 in sizes 9.0J x 20" and 10.0J x 20" and is fitted with tyres sizes 245/35 R 20 on the front and 285/30 R 20 on the rear.

The weight of the front wheel here is just approx. 10 kg and the rear wheel 10.8 kg. We recommend high performance tyres from Continental and Michelin.

The high quality aerodynamic concept of the ACS5 Sport, apart from the rear roof spoiler, was also adapted for the ACS6 Sport. It consists of carbon front flippers which as an option can be linked to the front spoiler via an aluminium strut braces. The front is finished with the new AC Schnitzer chrome front grille which gives the BMW M6 a retro look and at the same time provides the high air requirements of the BMW V10 power plant.

The vehicle rear is enhanced with the one-piece rear spoiler and a carbon rear diffusor integrated into the rear. In combination, all aerodynamic aids ensure increased downforce on the BMW M6 to give a perceptibly more stable vehicle.

For the inside, a carbon interior is available in titanium "Exclusive", a 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel or velours foot mats, together with the characteristic AC Schnitzer aluminium pedals and foot rests or the handbrake handle.

The new development of an aluminium cover for the controller of the BMW "i-Drive system" in the style of the Type IV wheel provides the finishing touch.

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