2006 Audi Dynamic Space Frame

(from Audi Press Release) AUDI - DYNAMIC SPACE FRAME  Audi Design team contributors: Hans Chou, Toby Gillies, Tony Liu, Sabine Lapine, Jae Min, Heather Shaw, Mattijs van Tuijl.

DCC Design Strategy and Communications: Nathan Barbour, Sean Conniff, Ian Hilton.

Interns: Zac Atwell, Urlich Bauer, Carey Lyn, Richard Overcash.

DCC Audi’s answer to the proposed vehicle mandate of 2015 would be to utilize a concept similar to the rapid prototyping method of manufacturing using advanced materials.

This method of building each vehicle would not only streamline the manufacturing process by integrating currently separate parts and processes, it would also allow an unprecedented level of flexibility and customization. This system would theoretically make expensive “tooling” a thing of the past.

This technique would allow us to realize other benefits such as:

1. Integration of all fluid and electrical channels within the frame.

2. Suspension and body components comprised of hollow space filled with fluid that responds to electrical current, which controls the ride.

3. Utilizing a hydraulic fluid drive in place of a traditional driveshaft.

4. Simpler recycling & reusability through “all inclusive” single material dynamic space frame and in certain cases, interior and exterior.

The Dynamic Space Frame concept would revolutionize the way cars are designed, produced, and recycled. It would usher in a new era of automobiles which would not only address the aforementioned mandate, but take adaptability and individuality to new levels.

This concept left us wanting to contribute in some way other than a conceptual poster. As a result, we purchased domestic wind power from Renewable Energy Choice and had trees planted through Trees for the Future’s Global Cooling Program in the hopes of offsetting the resources used for this project.

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