2006 Brabus Rocket Police Car


(from Brabus Press Release) Poised for another successful year – the TUNE IT! SAFE! campaign presents the new TUNE IT! SAFE! police car at the "Essen Motor Show"

In the Starting Gate with New Power: TUNE IT! SAFE!  Enters its Second Year

The subject of tuning safety receives special attention at this year's "Essen Motor Show."
Credit goes not in the least part to the TUNE IT! SAFE! campaign. The campaign is under the
personal patronage of German Secretary of Transportation Wolfgang Tiefensee and started
last year at the Essen show. The initiative promotes safe tuning and has already succeeded in
conveying to the public the multi-faceted nature of automotive tuning. A tuned police car
serves as a symbol for the campaign and for the close cooperation between public
institutions, the tuning industry and tuning enthusiasts. Now the successor to the first TUNE
IT! SAFE! police car celebrates its debut at the "Essen Motor Show."

After the successful initial TUNE IT! SAFE! police car, based on the Porsche 997 and tuned by Tech
Art, the new TUNE IT! SAFE! police car with BRABUS ROCKET design based on the Mercedes CLS
series now takes the stage. The BRABUS ROCKET is the world's fastest sedan with a top speed well
north of 360 km/h. However, it will remain nothing but a dream for Germany's public servants since
its only purpose is to promote more tuning safety. This blue-and-silver police eye-catcher will make it
easy for the campaign to build upon its extremely successful first year. Its presentation at the world's
leading tuning expo is the perfect start for TUNE IT! SAFE! into its second year.

TUNE IT! SAFE! Magazine now Publishes Four Issues per Year

The new magazine, now with four issues per year, will also be distributed on the expo stand of TUNE
IT! SAFE! The campaign has received resoundingly positive feedback from tuning enthusiasts, the
tuning industry and government institutions. Because of its popularity the previously semi-annual
magazine will go to a three-month publication schedule. Four times a year automotive enthusiasts will
be able to read about: "Sicher Tunen, Sicher Fahren, Sicher Auffallen (Tune Safely, Drive Safely,
Attract Attention Safely)."

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