2006 GeigerCars Hummer H2 Hannibal


(Press Release by GeigerCars)  If Hannibal would live today, he would probably use no elephants for the crossing of the alps but the HUMMER H2 from GeigerCars.de (www.GeigerCars.de) which was named after him.

Europe's biggest HUMMER dealer and also leading European customizer of American cars turns the H2 into a true King Size monster: The GeigerCars.de HANNIBAL was lifted by 18 centimeters using a special suspension. The additionally mounted off road tires of the dimension 38 x 15.50 R 20 and the additional lights on the roof also contribute a great deal to the all-wheel-drive car's height of 244 centimeters which is just as high as a soccer goal. Of course the GeigerCars.de HANNIBAL is powered by a high performance engine: The V8 supercharger engine delivers a maximum power output of 598 hp / 440 kW and produces a peak torque of 780 Nm. Due to the all-terrain pattern of the tires, the maximum speed of the HANNIBAL is electronically restricted to 160 km/h.

The GeigerCars.de HANNIBAL special suspension is designed to lift the H2 bodywork by about 18 centimeters using a steel-made auxiliary frame, special shock absorbers and springs on the front axle and a custom-made air suspension on the rear axle. As a result ground clearance is increased from standard 25 to 40 plus centimeters which further improves cross-country mobility of the HUMMER. To reduce the rolling motion of the bodywork, they also installed stronger anti-sway bars front and rear.

The spectacular GeigerCars.de HANNIBAL look is further shaped by the enormous tires, which find room inside the additional fender flarings. The three-piece 12Jx20 chrome wheels are shod with 38 x 15.50 R 20 off road tires. The all-terrain tread of the HANNIBAL tires also contributes to a further improved cross-country mobility of the American all-wheel-drive car. Due to safety reasons, the maximum speed of the H2, which would be about 225 km/h with this engine, had to be limited to 160 km/h.

The Kompressor 780 version gets its type designation from its peak torque of 780 Nm, which is delivered at 4,700 rpm by the supercharged six-litre V8 engine. The maximum power of 598 hp / 440 kW is available at 5,200 revs.

The engine conversion based on the Hummer H2 motor costs 25,900 Euros and doesn't only contain the supercharger and the intercooler but also a lot of work on the inner life of the engine. The modifications include the machining of the two cylinder-heads, the installation of a sport camshaft and a reinforced valve gear and special exhaust manifolds, metal-bed catalysts and a GeigerCars.de high performance exhaust system.

In spite of a curb weight exceeding 3,000 kilograms, the GeigerCars.de HANNIBAL with geigercars.de Kompressor 780 drivetrain and a modified automatic transmission realizes road performance which were hard to imagine until now for a car of this kind: The sprint from 0 - 100 km/h only takes 8.5 seconds.

For a retail price of 14,900 Euros there is alternatively available the GeigerCars.de Kompressor 740 performance kit, This supercharger kit doesn't contain the modifications on the inner life of the V8 engine but also comes with a cat-back sport exhaust system. After the conversion the Hummer H2 delivers 532 hp / 392 kW and 740 Nm of maximum torque.

A high performance brake system on the front axle with perforated and vented 380 millimeter discs and 6-pot fixed calipers is recommended for any H2 due to its improved stability.

The spectacular look of the GeigerCars.de HANNIBAL is rounded out using high-polished GeigerCars.de stainless steel parts. The range, which is also available for every standard H2, contains a solid front protection bar guarding the chrome radiator grille, an additional front bumper with integrated underride guard and ram protection bars for the rear bumper.

GeigerCars.de also offers a wide range for upgrading the interior: The ex-works leather trim can be completed or alternatively replaced by more exclusive interior appointments in every possible color and design. In addition, GeigerCars.de also offers state-of-the-art GPS navigation technology or night vision systems for the HUMMER H2.

GeigerCars.de alternatively provides the HANNIBAL in SUV station wagon or SUT Pick-up version. Retail prices start at 99,000 Euros.

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