2006 Huet Brothers HB Special Preview


(from Huet Brothers Press Release) THE HB EXPERIENCE LIFE AT ITS PUREST

We challenge you to participate in our journey, to experience life the HB way. Its not just about adventure and the love for nostalgia. Its definitely not for everyone. It wont always be easy, sometimes its just hard work on the twisty mountain roads. But you'll always be thrilled. Magical sceneries, culture and history, hidden gems and exceptional hotels. Its a new way of exploring countries. Its about being master of a machine and the smell of oil. Its back to romance, to good manners and enjoying life. Its all about style. Explore the site and see what we mean. Find out if you fi t the HB profi le and get ready for your own magical experience.


Paul (1971) and Tino (1975) Huet, the two brothers. Their goal in life is to follow their dreams. They consider themselves extremely lucky having grown up among classic Alfas and vintage Bugattis. Thats probably why they have oil in their veins. That's why they love the sound of a smooth operating engine, and the feeling of becoming one with a car. It is very hard to explain what its like to take a type 35C through the Swiss Alps. Its probably even more difficult to get your hands on one. Same goes for all the one-off special bodied Le Mans-cars from the 50s. Paul and Tino call them untouchables. Thats why they decided to build their own. To share their passion, the HB Special is especially designed to be experienced by you!


Why build a car thats not for sale, but for those who love to drive it? The answer is simple: because we want to share our passion with you. We want to enable you to feel what its like to drive a car like they were made in the old days. When form followed function. When you had to master a machine. When cars were not made in mass production but the result of dedication, perseverance and true craftsmanship. When driving was an adventure instead of getting stuck in traffic.

We started this dream five years ago, well be ready at the end of March 2007. Thats when well present the HB Special Prototype. This HB Special is much more than merely a car. Its authentic and honest. Faithful to the original spirit of an original racing car, but with its own identity. Check out our design criteria, the specifi cations and how we build it.


The design of the HB Special is derived from the style of the Barchetta racing cars that reigned at races such as the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and Le Mans in the mid 1950s. Cars like the Aston Martin DBR1, the Maserati 300 S or the Ferrari 412 S have definitely influenced the overall look and feel. The HB Special provides an experience that rivals a classic racing car. Noise, vibrations, road handling require technique and mastery to handle. It is a car that is faithful to the original spirit of a classic racing car but does not aspire to be an identical copy.


The HB Special uses materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber which means that the car only weighs 750 kg ideal for handle of use, speed and maneuverability. Why carbon fiber you may ask? If the material had been available in the 50s they would have used it. It is by far the strongest lightweight material to date. The design has an integrated roll-over bar housed behind the driver.

The Chassis

The chassis is that of the Triumph TR6. This choice is derived from different criteria. Independent front and rear suspension, availability of specialized upgrades and improvements. The HB Special chassis will include the following upgrades:

1. Independent, lowered rear and front suspension in line with racing car standards;
2. Upgraded back drums and front brake discs (4 calipers) to maximize brake power and to minimize fading on the mountain passes.
3. Adjustable shock absorbers to easily dampen or stiffen the ride;
4. Upgraded front stabilizer to minimize roll over;
5. Race steering rack (rack and pinion) to maximize road feel.

The Engine

The car is powered by the six cylinder, 2.5 litre TR6 engine. The gearbox has four gears in an H pattern. Unlike the original version which had 105 -150 horse power, the engine for the HB Special enjoys over 180 horse power. Other adjustments made to the engine are:

1. lightened flywheel to liven the engine appropriately;
2. fast road specification camshaft to ensure driveability;
3. race exhaust to provide additional horse power and noise.
4. Two SU carburetors - which adjust to pressure making them ideal for the mountain roads;
5. Oil cooler

The Body

The Body is made out of a carbon shell which is produced In-House in The Netherlands. The advantages of a carbon body shell are well known and used by the highest quality sports cars: (i) strength of material (ii) light weight (iii) ease of use in production and (iv) provides a clear differentiating factor versus other adapted and tailor made cars.

The cockpit is made out of aluminum and is manufactured in-house as well as the dashboard instruments.

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