2006 JNH Porsche GT3 996

(from J.N.Hephaiss Press Release) Our very first model is the Porsche GT3 (Type 996), one of the top performance cars on the public road among naturally-aspirated engine cars. With power performance and instant acceleration that tops 300km/h, sharp handling and gear sound, it’s completely different from standard Carrera.

Humble appearance and exhaust sound of GT3, which we find a little disappointing for such a prestige car, are the main reason why we went into the lab for a year to create the extreme Porsche. The final product, aggressive yet not vulgar and so fitting of its power, adds am impact to its slender body of GT3. At the same time, it exceeds the functionality of the original car in terms of aerodynamics and cooling effect.

Body Parts

So outstanding is the four tail pipe exhaust system that can manually be switched to circuit (loud)/ public (silent) sound mode. It achieves the highest level in performance, durability with sound quality no worse than the one of Ferrari and sound volume no lower than the racing Porsche on the circuit. It’s particularly worth mentioning that when, with only a push of a button, you switch to public sound mode, the volume level becomes almost identical to the one of original exhaust system so that smooth and safe driving on city streets are assured. Listen for yourself this ultimate exhaust sound.

Serious Wheels