2006 Kia Sandstorm

(from Kia Press Release) Kia - Sandstorm  Designed by: Marc Mainville

This buggy will take any beach bum or shoobie from zero to sunny in no time at all with towels in the trunk, a buddy to the right and a boat or longboard in tow…

A biodiesel electric plug-in hybrid with a NiMH, fully recyclable battery, this vehicle is so environmentally friendly that you might ask it to pass the shades and SPF.

The vehicle’s barbecue-friendly storage with a solar-powered cooling feature will keep the burgers cool and the beverages at a tongue-pleasing temp all day long. And, nobody will be able to talk trash about the passengers in this vehicle because of its built-in, detachable recycling bins.

For eco-fashionistas that want it in red, instead, just recycle the Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE) panels for new ones in a favorite shade. And whether the top is up or down, green living has never been so sporty.

When the sun has set, the next course of adventure takes place in California’s commuter lanes where one can hang 10, 20 or even 55 miles per hour getting you back to the yurt in no time at all securely enclosed in a hydroformed aluminum safety cage.

The Kia Sandstorm allows its drivers to feel the renewable energy – their own.

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