2006 Laboratorio BEBI Quercianella


(from Laboratorio BEBI Press Release)  Laboratorio BEBI is the latest Swedish (and maybe the only real Swedish car company now that Koeniggsegg is Norwegian). Inspired by Giotto Bizzarrini, our business idea is to develop the general supercar-concept onto a new, and as we see it, more interesting path. Instead of just adding more horsepower for better performance, we reduce weight. It is a bigger and more interesting challenge and it brings a lot of benefits. A light car is a much nicer drive, requires less horsepower to excel, and a light car means a leaner price tag and a greener image.

This idea is now developed in to the Quercianella. With only half the weight of any current supercar, the same or better performance (except top speed, top speed is for dinner conversations), great looks (we think anyway), we will offer an intelligent driving tool for half the price of most supercars.

The name Quercianella is a tribute to our good friend and mentor Giotto Bizzarrini, the man behind our first conceptual pre prototipo. The name Quercianella is a tribute to Giotto Bizzarrini who is our good friend and the man behind the first conceptual pre prototipo. Bizzarrini is a legend and a great engineer. He developed the Ferrari GTO, the Lamborghini V12 engine and his own Bizzarrini cars. Today, getting close to 80, he is still developing and building prototypes. Quercianella is the place where he grew up and lives today.

Marketing and sales will start in September 2006 and first deliveries are planned for summer 2007. The final price is not yet set but is expected to be in the area of 220.000 Euro.

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