2006 Lumma Design CLR 400 GT Porsche Cayenne


(from Lumma Design)  Its exterior is a Porsche and it is a Porsche from inside too, but the Cayenne gives many the impression of too elegant a car. This sport utility vehicle is a typical all-terrain vehicle - huge, broad and high-wheeled. Those who were not content with the standard outfit of the Zuffenhausen sports car smithy can now back on the innovations of the Lumma brothers from Winterlingen in Swabia, Germany. Horst (design) and Andreas (engineering) have developed a body kit for the Cayenne that is very much in line with the age-old Porsche traditions and still boasts proudly, that it's not a vehicle driven by some ranger on duty…

The estimated price of the Porsche Cayenne S lies at about 63,000 Euros. That includes 250KW (340bhp) power, a top speed of 242 km/h (150 mph) and a torque of 420 Nm at 2,500-5,500 rpm. But it has an appearance that does not stand out amongst the band of popular SUVs. Cheaper rivals such as Volkswagen, BMW or Jeep fall into the same category as concerns the exterior; very much to the sorrow of many Porsche enthusiasts. “Ex factory, this vehicle just looks too smart and neat,” says Horst Lumma. That was one of the reasons why the designer, along with his brother and model construction engineer, Andreas Lumma developed the new body kit, the “CLR 400 GT.” It comprises a front spoiler bumper with double headlights, a rear spoiler with diffuser, side skirts, front and rear enlargements, door panels below, a three-part front grill and the Lumma emblem. A sporty look bonnet with venting slots, a roof-edge spoiler with a tear-off edge, headlight eyebrows and double- output
exhaust valves are also part of the offer. “For those, who feel that the Cayenne appears to be meek even after our innovations, we've got some more technical extras”, Andreas Lumma proudly declares. The so-called extras would include a lower suspension setting module and alterations in the compressor. The latter promises an overwhelming 470bhp and 640Nm from the 4.5 liter V8 engine.

The optical tuning of the Cayenne would take two to three weeks, according to Horst Lumma. The same time applies to the alteration or reconstruction of the compressor version of the S-model. “All components in the alteration are made of high-quality compound fiber and PU RIM materials and this conforms to the requirements of the serial components”, says Lumma. Durability, form stability and perfect surfaces are given high importance. This kind of quality has its price too: according to the customer's needs and optional equipment, the body conversion costs around 22,000 Euros. The height-adjustable chassis and the special wheels (10x22 - 295/30-22) add around 12,000 Euros to the price. And the compressor alterations amount to a further 20,000 Euros. “But then you have a Cayenne, of which there are only a handful in the whole world”, says Horst Lumma.

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