2006 Mercedes-Benz Recy

(from DaimlerChrysler Press Release) Mercedes-Benz RĒCY

DESIGNERS: Andre Frey, Gorden Wagener, Nick Garfias, Jeffrey Aneiros, and Christopher Rhoades

Wood, alloys, glass, and rubber combine unexpectedly yet symbiotically in the Mercedes-Benz RĒCY to create the ultimate recyclable California roadster. Powered by a four-cylinder Blu-Tec bio-diesel motor and designed open-air to take advantage of the famed southern California weather and lifestyle, the RĒCY’s tubular, high strength frame and laminated wood shell ensure both driver and passenger are fully protected should the unfortunate occur.

An open-wheel concept with bold, clean surfacing, the RĒCY imbues to its owner a sense of old-world craftsmanship with its hand assembled and grain matched wood panels. Inspired by Riva hand-crafted wooden yachts and high performance eyewear, the RĒCY combines multiple influences in one seamless presentation.

One hundred percent recyclable and created from sustainable resources, the RĒCY can be a continually renewable vehicle. Constantly “recycling itself”, the high strength RĒCY frame allows owners to maintain that portion of the vehicle while replacing those panels that may be damaged. Whether via necessity or through a desire for the ultimate customizable California vehicle, owners may continually update and recycle their vehicle through the swapping of panels. And yes, you can use those old panels to create that perfect campfire!  But the RĒCY does not stop there. After five years, the consumer has the option to bring the one hundred percent recyclable RĒCY to a designated recycling center to be reduced to its elemental materials. Fast, fun, and fully recyclable, the RĒCY from Mercedes-Benz is the vehicle of choice for the ecologically minded consumer who demands a smart alternative to the traditional roadster.

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