2006 Noble M15


(From Noble Press Release)

Welcome to a new dawn for Noble Automotive, the launch of the all mew M15.

This machine represents a whole new philosophy and takes the core values of dynamic excellence, lightweight engineering, value-for-money and blistering performance to a whole new level of comfort, refinement and everyday usability. There's even room for luggage!

At a cost of pound;74,950 the M15 sits well above the other cars in the Noble range. With 455 bhp and 455lb ft of torque, it's also the most powerful production car to leave the Leicestershire factory, capable of hitting 60 mph from standstill in less than 3.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 185 mph. It is, therefore, a credible and more exclusive alternative to other supercars costing well in excess of pound;100,000.

Despite its destructive power, the M15 remains one of the least intimidating supercars on the markets thanks to prodigious levels of grip and a forgiving chassis. After all, it's still a Noble, but it's the most spectacular machine to emerge from Barwell and may prove the definitive British supercar.

Welcome to M15, the ultimate expression of British intelligence.

Exterior Design

The M15 boasts immense road presence, yet is only 181 mm longer and 31mm wider than the M12 at 4270mm and 1905mm respectively. It remains a lithe machine at slightly more than 1200kg, lightweight engineering is a part of Noble's DNA .

Yet despite the M15's compact dimensions, the M15 is a spacious, luxurious car with room for luggage, astonishing crash protection  and a chassis which is significantly stiffer than any Noble before it. This is a luxurious sportscar with dragon-slaying performance as standard.

It's stylish too, from any angle there's a feature to hold your gaze. The aggressive curve of the wings at the front, coupled with the Boomerang-style headlight fairings will announce it's arrival in dramatic style.

That low-slung stance, muscular haunches, and huge air intakes define the seductive side profile and the fastback rear proves you don't need ugly drag-inducing to achieve downforce

Noble never puts form before aerodynamic function and a more efficient shape helps the M15 to its estimated top speed of 185 mph. More importantly, this and the huge diffuser which has proven itself in battle on the company race car, help plant the rear to the ground at speed.

This is the most refined, the most complete Noble to date, and with production strictly limited, the  stunning shape will retain its impact for a long time to come.

Drivetrain and Performance

The mid-mounted twin-turbocharged V6 used in the M15 is the most powerful engine ever fitted to a road going Noble and and has been developed over 7 years and millions of testing miles.

A sublime combination of low-end driveability and top end power, the latest version of Noble's engine delivers 455lb ft of torque at 4850 rpm and 455bhp at 6800rpm. 96 per cent of this power is available from 5200rpm, making the M15 an effortlessly quick car.

On road performance is everything you would expect from a company that already produces one of the fastest accelerating production cars in the world. The leap from 0-60 mph arrives in an incredible 3.3 seconds , from standstill to 100 mph takes less than 8 and this car will keep going all the way to 185mph.

The M15 scores big over other models with its effortless acceleration beyond 130mph, improved significantly due to a cleaner body shape and more efficient intercooler and turbocharger performance.

The drivetrain is installed longitudinally for the first time in a Noble, increasing cooling and turbo performance dramatically Weight distribution has also improved over the existing model to 42:58 per cent, front:rear, due to the engine and gearbox assembly being moved forward by 300mm.

Since the M15 is the most versatile Noble ever produced, it had been designed to take higher mileages with less maintenance than the M12. Here, the in-line drivetrain configuration comes into its own again, with excellent accessibility around the engine and ancillaries, reducing servicing and maintenance downtime.

Ride, Roadholding.Handling and Safety

The biggest problem for Noble's engineers was raising the M15's bar significantly above that set by the M12 and the M400 for road holding, handling and ride quality.
Problem solved

Noble has developed a completely new platform for the M15, while retaining the M400's basic ingredients of double wishbone suspension all round. Bespoke, non adjustable gas shock absorbers have been painstakingly developed to offer exceptional levels of high-speed body control, while spring rates have been chosen to provide a level of suppleness unheard of in this class.

A new tubular space frame chassis has been designed for the M15 which is 57 per cent stiffer than the one used in the M12/M400 models. Reinforced with bonded and riveted aluminium panels the new spaceframe has been designed around the new in-line engine configuration and incorporates substantial  side-, front- and rear-impact protection.

An entirely new braking system, incorporating 330mm ventilated discs and four-pot callipers all round, has been developed specifically for the M15. As well as improving overall efficiency, special attention has been paid to the levels of feel passed on to the driver. Noble is currently researching suitable ABS systems to be fitted to the first production cars too.

Noble enjoyed the co-operation of Pirelli tyres to fine tune the car to the P-Zero Rossa 225 / 14x18 fronts and 285 / 40x19 rears. Together with this sizeable footprint, the M15 has a 24mm wider track than the M12, which all combines to produce a car that corners flatter, harder, and faster than ever before. With its low-slung drivetrain keeping the car's centre of gravity down, body control is tight and reassuring at high speeds. All round grip is immense, with the M15's communicative and well-weighted steering offering the driver calm and accurate feedback as he or she reaches the car's generous limits.

And the gearbox comes from Graziano, supplier to Aston Martin, Ferrari and Maserati, and the Italian company have worked enthusiastically on a six-speed  to extract every fraction from that phenomenal engine.

Given the M15's remit as a highly-usable and comfortable road car, it's no surprise that Noble  has also worked hard to achieve the very best levels of ride quality, without jeopardising handling, roadholding or grip. As a result, the M15 is as comfortable on Central London speed bumps as it is on an open, winding road.

Comfort, Practicality and Convenience

Prepare to change your perception of a Noble. The M15 is an irresistible place to sit, with tactile surfaces, the aroma of quality materials, comfort and that all important space.

That's not just in the cockpit, the M15 has 300 litres of luggage space divided between two compartments at  the front and rear, making the M15 a practical daily driver.

Beautifully trimmed in high-grade Italian leather, the bespoke carbon-fibre framed seats have deep cushions, crafted side bolsters and integrated head restraints designed to keep you secure at speed and comfortable on a long journey. The M15 represents more than a hard charger, it's a car for continental cruising.

A new steering column is adjustable for rake and reach, provides the perfect driving position, and the four-spoke leather trimmed steering wheel is designed for comfort as well as razor-sharp response.

An uncluttered dashboard highlights the vital information, the rev counter and speedo neatly housed in an integrated binnacle  and the needle changes colour as the revs soar.

Taking pride of place in the centre console is the touch-screen Satellite Navigation system, a first for Noble and a true indication of the M15's true talents.

Noble has worked tirelessly on the Noise, Vibration and Harshness levels to compete with the established supercars. An all-new exhaust system designed to emit minimal noise at low revs, yet still give the twin turbo its full head towards the 7200 rpm limiter.


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