2006 Project Kahn Audi A8

(from Project Kahn Press Release)  Welcome to another outstanding vehicle produced by the Kahn Laboratories. As usual massive attention to detail and the highest possible standards are maintained throughout. Project Kahn have taken another already exclusive vehicle and transformed it into something out of this world.

The A8 ‘Facelift’ brings individual looks and superior styling to the road. Although all of the elements of the facelift are available separately the full combination alone brings out the true potential of the A8.

The ‘Facelift’ includes Kahn Diamond edition RSX alloy wheels 9x21” front and 10.5x21” rear. These wheels are ideally suited to the A8 and are the perfect finishing touch to this stunning vehicle. As well as the RSX alloy wheels Project Kahn have also produced an electronic suspension lowering module specifically for the A8 which is T.U.V. approved.

Every A8 Facelift undergoes a full colour code program which also includes privacy tinted glass. The A8 ‘Facelift’ is topped off by two 90mm Kahn machine billeted sports exhaust outlet pipes.


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