2006 Project Kahn Mercedes KSLR

(from Project Kahn Press Release)  Project Kahn are proud to present their Mercedes KSLR conversion. The KSLR is immediately eye-catching, uniquely stylish vehicle.

This was an example of Project Kahn meeting a demand based on a gap in the market. The demand was there for a car to fill the void in price and prestige between the SLR and the SL. The Project Kahn bonnet conversion provides the styling of the SLR with the everyday practicality of the SL.

The KSLR comes with the highest standard leather work and to enhance the acoustic experience of the KSLR Project Kahn has developed a quad exhaust system, helping the KSLR not only look but also sound amazing. Project Kahn Lowering springs provide both a sporty stance and ride.

A number of upgrades are available from Project Kahn for the Mercedes including three of the Kahn wheel Range. These wheels are the RS-C Monoblock (8.5x20”-Front and 10x20”-Back), RS-X Diamond Edition (9x20”-Front and 11x20”-Rear) and RS-V1 (9x20”-Front and 11x20”-Rear).

All details and prices for the Project Kahn KSLR upgrades can be found on their website at www.projectkahnmercedes.com and all other available upgrades can be found at www.projectkahn.com


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