2006 Project Kahn Range Rover Sport Stage 2

(from Project Kahn Press Release)  Project Kahn were disappointed with the final road going version of Range Rover’s concept car; the Stormer. The Stormer was a staggering concept car, however the need for Range Rover to make their cars able to go off-road has left the Sport toned down to the point of boredom. Project Kahn is not limited by these requirements and decided that people need a car that looks amazing on the road much more than they need the ability to go off-road.

Following the huge success of the Project Kahn Range Rover Sport stage 1 prototype, Project Kahn have launched stage 2; with a new body styling pack to give concept car looks for the road and also Kahn Designs new 22” RS-D wheels. Project Kahn live by their beliefs and therefore they felt that they had to give their customers what they wanted. Today’s discerning customers are not happy with the standard look of the mass produced vehicle and therefore it is our responsibility to offer them an alternative.

Some of the other features of the stage 2 conversion include a quad sports exhaust, chrome wing vents, chrome front bumper bezels, smoked rear lamps, side steps and privacy tinted glass.

Range Rover Sport – Styling pack

The stage 2 Range Rover Sport conversion includes a brand new styling pack that consists of 10 wheel arch pieces (3-piece rear and 2-piece front), a front valance and also a rear spoiler. Each of the pieces have been specifically designed to follow the contours of the car and are available for all sport models.

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