2006 Sportec Volkswagen Golf GTI RS


(from Sportec Press Release) Swiss mountains of power

For the new 2.0L turbocharged engine, the specialists at the car manufacturer Sportec have come up with something unique. By means of a revolutionary technology, they managed to develop a charger with responding properties remaining nearly the same in comparison to the standard series, but allowing for considerably more power. Due to a high-performance exhaust system including a sports catalyst, perfectly attuned engine electronics and several flanking measures, the output is increased to 300 HP and 410 Nm. The starter model with 270 HP and 380 Nm contains basically the Sportec turbo charger K04.300 and the electronics optimisation. The innovative technology allows a particularly quick and easy “plug-and-play“ assembly.

You can see dynamics.
Already at a first glance, the beholder gets an impression of what he may expect from the Sportec GTI RS: an elegant, compact car with a racy and sporty character. A front spoiler fitted elegantly into the basic shape, luxuriously dimensioned brake discs and 19” light metal wheels – for example, bicolour with diamond-polished surface – suggest the Sportec GT’s potential of performance in an unobtrusive manner.

You can feel performance.
Being provided with performance stage 3 of the Sportec customisation programme, the RS 300 sprints to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. Only 22.7 seconds later, the compact racer already passes the 200 km/h mark. The urge to go ahead does not cease before fabulous 269 km/h.

You can experience quality.
As is the case with all Sportec products, quality is of the highest priority. The new components outmatch even the customary series-production quality as far as manufacturing standards are concerned. Therefore, no restrictions of road capability are to be expected even after the modifications. With regard to exterior and interior parts, the modern manufacturing technology allows particularly narrow gaps and seamless connections even in places where entirely different materials meet.


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