2006 Toyota AYGO Sport

(from Toyota Press Release)  AYGO for Sports takes the recently launched AYGO by Toyota and transforms it into a fun car; great for those action-packed days out with friends.

To create AYGO for Sports, start with a regular AYGO but lose none of its distinctive characteristics – just cut it open. Then replace the roofline with two elegant and solid hoops; like the lines of a modern sports stadium.

Integrated front and rear LED light clusters help create the sports-look, which is emphasised by massive 17-inch rims and 205/45 R17 sports tyres.

The two seats are trimmed in light blue neoprene with beige leather inserts and sculpted for comfort, like modern furniture.

Of course, AYGO for Sports stands out from the crowd. Finished in bright Ocean Blue; it sparkles in the sunlight. Blue neoprene pads on the steering wheel add an individual touch. Teak wood floor is quality; a reminder of a classic sports boat.

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